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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the next installment of my ongoing review of Lincoln Crisler’s collection of superhero fiction, Corrupts Absolutely?. Today I look at “Gone Rogue” by Wayne Helge, the story of a sidekick living in the shadow of his mentor and what happens when that mentor becomes preoccupied with being a celebrity. Continue reading


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Things have been kind of hectic here with planning out the new website and all. However, I did just a few minutes to read the next installment of Lincoln Crisler’s Corrupts Absolutely?. Today I bring you my review of “Acquainted with the Dark” by Cat Rambo. Cat has been writing for quite a while and, ironically, one of my poems appeared in an issue of Aoife’s Kiss featuring another of her stories. I greatly enjoyed that one and was pleased to see she’d made a contribution to this anthology. Continue reading

It is time once again dear readers to take a look at another story from Lincoln Crisler’s collection of superhuman fiction titled Corrupts Absolutely?. I have enjoyed most of the tales in the anthology so far. Each author takes a unique look at what happens when a regular person is either born with or obtains superhuman powers. Today’s tale, “Fixed” by Trisha Wooldridge, is one of the few stories in the book written by a female. She is an editor at Spencer Hill Press and writes about a wide variety of subjects. What did I think about her addition to Corrupts Absolutely?, read on to find out. Continue reading

Welcome geeks, nerds, and dorks to our review of the seventeenth review of Corrupts Absolutely?, edited by Lincoln Crisler. The anthology features twenty-one talents providing us with off-beat tales of humans with superpowers ranging from telekinesis to making one’s self explode. Today’s tale, “Crooked” by Lee Mather, features a character capable of forming his will into tentacles. Sounds like a Japanese teen’s worst nightmare to me, but lets see how he puts this power to use in the story. Continue reading

He we are again ladies and gentlemen. Another tale of superpowered beings has been read, thought over, and judged. Corrupts Absolutely?, edited by Lincoln Crisler, has been a delight so far and I am sad that other projects have kept me from reviewing a story every day recently. Luckily, I got a chance to sit down and read “Sabre” by Anthony Laffan this evening. Anthony is a game designer from western Massachusetts and this entry into an anthology is his first published work. So how does he do in a world populated with some of the most powerful superhumans this side of Krypton? Lets find out. Continue reading

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Welcome back to Geeking Cool’s Bookwyrm. Over the past few weeks I have been reviewing, story-by-story, an anthology of short fiction edited by Lincoln Crisler. Most of the stories have been fairly good and, in fact, many of them have been very good. Each has been interesting though, an exploration of what would happen if a normal John or Jane Doe had superpowers. Today, I found myself reading “Illusion” by Karina Fabian. Often a writer of comedic fantasy and horror, there is nothing funny about this story featuring a character from her novel Mind Over Mind. Continue reading

I now return to my continued review of Lincoln Crisler’s collection of superhuman short stories from 21 talents in all different stages of their careers as writers. Today’s story, “Static”, features a hero and villain that garner their powers from the supernatural realm. It’s author, Jason Gehlert, is the author of the werewolf series Quiver and the cult zombie novel Contagion. Like the other authors in Corrupts Absolutely? though, this is the first piece I’ve read from him. Continue reading

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In today’s installment in our story by story review of Corrupts Absolutely? we take a look at “Pride”, a story written by Wayne Ligon. It is the twelfth story in this anthology edited by Lincoln Crisler that collects twenty-one stories about people gifted (or cursed depending on your perspective) with superpowers. We have seen acts of heroism, instances of characters having to cope with their powers, characters abusing their powers, and more. Ligon, who makes his first professional appearance in this book, offers us a slightly different perspective on possessing superpowers though. Continue reading

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Welcome back readers to my continued review of Lincoln Crisler’s Corrupts Absolutely?. The stories collected into this book all focus on individuals that have in one way or another gained extraordinary powers; something every geek has dreamed about since they first picked up a comic book. Today’s story is titled “Oily” and was written by A.D. Spencer whose work has appeared in several anthologies. What does her tale do for the collection? Read on to find out. Continue reading

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The super powered reviews continue here on Geeking Cool as I look at the eighth story in Lincoln Crisler’s collection, Corrupts Absolutely. Today’s tale, “Conviction”, was written by Edward Erdelac. Erdelac is somewhat of a prolific writer who has published several short stories and novellas. He is also, according to the about the authors page in the book, a sometimes contributor to Star Wars. This is in addition to him being an independent filmmaker and award-winning screenwriter. In other words, he is something of a geek da Vinci. Let’s take a look at his contribution to the world of superhero fiction. Continue reading