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On the last episode of SyFy’s great new show Defiance, Irisa’s friend and fellow Irathient Sukar was killed in a razor rain storm. Turns out, the piece of shrapnel that struck him was carrying tiny little nanobots that allowed him to raise from the dead. Believing himself on a mission from the god Irzu, he gathered tons of electrical equipment and then beaconed a ship down to Defiance. Believing he was trying to destroy the town Nolan fires several rounds into the intimidating Votan and kills him. Believing in Sukar’s cause, Irisa completes the mission and the ship crashes just outside of Defiance. This events gives us the setup for last night’s episode. Continue reading


After a week-long wait, new episodes of Defiance have once again started on SyFy. I hope you took the week to get caught up on the six episodes that have already aired. This is possibly the channel’s most ambitious endeavor with an amazingly detailed world, huge special effects, and an integrated MMORPG that affects and is affected by events in the show. We are glad it’s back. So was the wait worth it? Continue reading

It’s memorial day and as a result there was no new Game of Thrones or Defiance. In response to this I would like to quote Charlton Heston to HBO and SyFy: Goddamn you all to hell! I’m don’t usually curse in my reviews, but it expresses my sentiment perfectly. It also allows me to segue into this installment of Reviews from the Vault. You see, that was Mr. Heston’s final line, the line that ended the movie, in the original Planet of the Apes. Before Luke began training as a Jedi Knight with Obi-Wan Kenobi and before Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encountered V’ger, George Taylor landed on a planet not unlike our own. A planet that would mark the beginning of a vast film franchise and become a staple of geekdom. Continue reading

He we are again ladies and gentlemen. Another tale of superpowered beings has been read, thought over, and judged. Corrupts Absolutely?, edited by Lincoln Crisler, has been a delight so far and I am sad that other projects have kept me from reviewing a story every day recently. Luckily, I got a chance to sit down and read “Sabre” by Anthony Laffan this evening. Anthony is a game designer from western Massachusetts and this entry into an anthology is his first published work. So how does he do in a world populated with some of the most powerful superhumans this side of Krypton? Lets find out. Continue reading

Since the first episode of SyFy’s Defiance we knew there was something going on with a strange artifact that was found in the McCawley mines. We know that the town’s old mayor, Nicky Riordan, has an interest in finding it. And we know that it contains some unknown power. But it isn’t until last night’s episode, “Brothers in Arms”, that we have seen it used as the driving force behind any part of the plot. Even then, it was only used to drive a small subplot. Continue reading

I went to sleep at about 5 am this morning. Two and a half hours later I woke up and drove the kids to school. Do you think I came back home and went right back to sleep? As smart as that would have been, I did not. Instead, I made a couple posts to Twitter, checked on Psyborg TV’s double feature, and then drove over to the theater. There, I shelled out $11.50 for a ticket and $11.25 for some nachos and a latte. Finding a seat in front of screen eight, I anxiously awaited for the projectionist (are they even called projectionists now) to roll the footage of Star Trek: Into Darkness 3D. Was it worth the $22.75 I dished out to the good folks at Regal Cinemas? Read on to find out. Continue reading


02 IndiegeekIt has been a while since I made a post about a YouTube video and so I thought I’d bring you a good one. I am not usually a fan of “art house films”. Usually, I find the images and story don’t match up right and the messages being delivered are too abstract. In other words, I am of the mind that art is for canvas, literature, sculpture, and the like while film is for entertainment and information. When I saw the title of this film I was not too interested either as I’m not too interested in Jewish Mythology. But I hot the play button anyway and started watching Golem. Continue reading

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This is only the fifth episode of SyFy’s original show Defiance and it already feels like an old friend waiting to greet me every Monday night. The depth to which the show’s team developed the world and cultures that populate it is amazing. And while some of the special effects seem a little out of place, many of them are quite impressive. In the landscape of today’s science fiction television serials, this show is definitely standing on the top tier. While each show may have it’s own stand-alone story, throughout the series we are being given snippets of an underlying conspiracy plot. Not too much is revealed at once, just enough to pique our curiosities. So how much does “The Serpent’s Egg” reveal? Read on to find out. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading

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It’s Monday ladies and gentlemen and that means a new episode of SyFy’s Defiance. Thus far, the show has proven to be highly entertaining with a colorful cast of characters and highly detailed alien cultures. I would go so far as to say that this show over the past three weeks has been the best speculative fiction show among network and basic cable choices. It is has been nothing short of well written and well acted. Tonight’s episode, “A Well Respected Man”, is something we have been waiting for anxiously. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading

M. Pax

06 SocialismStarting last Friday we started a new segment that features one of our followers from Twitter. Remember that these people do not pay to become a featured follower. Instead, I choose them based on their merit of their tweets and how interesting they are. We have over 200 followers and the vast majority of them make great posts and are very interesting. This week though, we feature our follower M. Pax, an indie science fiction writer. Continue reading