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OrbNot too long ago I made the announcement that Geeking Cool would be rolled in together with another of my projects, Psyborg TV. Since then, I have been working feverishly designing and building the new website. This new site will contain a new and improved blog covering everything from comic books and movies to physics and philosophy. Additionally, it will also contain original fiction and original short films. All of the content on the site will be free as well (though we will have paid versions of fiction, a swag shop, and DVDs for sale). The site will be ad-supported, but it needs your help to get started. How would you like to become an Associate Producer for Psyborg TV’s website, fiction, and films? Read on to find out how. Continue reading


OrbOkay, so I’m the kind of guy that gets scatter brained from time to time and starts working on so many damn projects that it’s hard to keep up with it all. That is sort of what’s happening with Geeking Cool and Psyborg TV. Usually I will abandon a project if things get too hectic. However, I really care about both projects and would love to see both of them succeed (also, my therapist wants me to continue working on creative stuff so I don’t kill anybody). Therefore, instead of abandoning one or both of them, I am going to roll them into one project. Thus, some more changes are on their way and these are awesome changes guys! Continue reading

Geeking CoolThings have been pretty hectic around here and postings have been sparse. I assure you though that this blog will not go the way of so many others, with posts tapering off to nothingness. Actually, quite the opposite is happening and the sparse posting has very good reasons. Here is a brief glimpse into what is going on behind the scenes at Geeking Cool. Continue reading

Psyborg TV Torrents

OrbI would like to make a quick announcement about Psyborg TV’s presentations. In case you didn’t know, they are now available for download through Kickass Torrents. This is in addition to being available to watch or download free online through Google Drive. Every week you will see a new feature go up. However, in order to make room for the next feature, the previous one will be removed from our hard drive weekly. That’s why the torrents are so important. With your help by seeding our double features we will be able to keep these classic and independent sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films alive. This week’s double feature is Plan 9 from Outer Space and Night of the Living Dead. There is also a sultry intermission show (not family friendly) between them. This double feature will be removed from our hard drive and Google Drive on May 24, 2013 to make room for the next one, Atom Age Vampire and Scream Bloody Murder with an intermission show featuring Betty Page. Please download the torrent (1 file, 3 hrs, 2.6 GB) and seed at least for a while. Also, all materials in the double feature presentation are either public domain or used with permission, so this is not an illegal download either. Hope you enjoy the shows!

OrbNot too long ago, I put up a post about an online television station, Black Flag TV, and the future of TV online. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to do my own part in bringing you entertainment online as well. I would like to introduce to you Psyborg TV, an online source for classic and independent science fiction, fantasy, and horror films. Read on to learn more about this project and what you can expect from us. Continue reading