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Thou Shall Not Try

churchofgeekIf one spends enough time immersed in geek culture, one begins to realize that the various stories found in novels, comic books, video games, and movies are more than just grandiose collections of action and special effects. A good many of the stories that geeks hold dear to their hearts possess very strong stories with very strong messages. In this new segment of the blog, which will carry over into the new one when it is launched, we will explore the meanings and moral tales behind some of the most popular and not-so-popular titles in geekdom. And what better way to start things off than with a look at one of the most popular scenes from Star Wars Episode V. Continue reading


It’s been a while so I thought I provide another article of Atlanteanism’s beliefs. Specifically, on my views on death, what happens when we die, and the implications it has for everyone currently alive or whom will be alive. I’d made a post on Atlantean Nation describing the beliefs, but in this one I will relate them more with science than philosophy. As stated before, Atlanteanism has very similar beliefs to Buddhism. However, we diverge when it comes to the concept of escaping the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. What’s more, it all relates back to Physics 101. Continue reading

Money, it’s why we go to work. It’s a thing we all hope to possess in abundance. It’s the cause of wars and the solution to them. Created to eliminate the problems generated by the barter system that humanity previously used, it seemed like the perfect solution. But is this solution now causing more problems in human society than it fixed? And, if so, what is the solution and would man be willing as a whole to enact these solutions? Continue reading

AtlanteanismOn Twitter, @KingofNerdsTBS asked “What is the nerdiest thing you do or are interested in”? In my reply I cited that driving 60 miles round trip weekly for comic books and creating my own geek “spirituality” based on logic and physics. I call this system Atlanteanism and over the next few weeks, I will be making posts to explain the basics of what I believe. However, I feel given the name I chose for this system, referencing the fabled island, warrants an introduction and clarification. After all, whenever someone states that they’ve created their own belief system, it is completely natural to think that they are completely insane. I will let you decide if I’m crazy or not after reading this and other posts on the topic. Continue reading

What would it take for you to say that you’ve lived the happiest possible life? Some people would say that being super wealthy would make their lives happy. Others would say it’s finding the perfect person to share their lives with. Some might even say traveling around the world or simply doing something they love for a living. While these may seem like very different things, upon further examination we find that they are actually the very same thing. And knowing what that thing is will allow you to live the happiest possible life.

What all of the things listed above that would make various people’s lives happy are goals. Specifically, they are goals they hope to achieve. Thus, your happiest possible life is nothing more than the achievement of your goals. What’s more, since your happiest possible life is a goal, it is completely achievable. Want to find out how? Keep reading. Continue reading

The Strange Irony of Happiness

In addition to being the Geeking Cool blogger, Geeking Cool Mainframe Tweeter, comic and fiction writer, occasional poet, husband, father, and many other things; I am also something of a philosopher. It is my opinion that philosophers were the first geeks ever. After all, it is from the minds of the ancient Greeks that physics was born. Therefore, I am going to start making philosophy at least a semi-regular feature of the Geeking Cool blog. I would really like to hear from our readers after each post also.

Not too long ago I was doing a lot of thinking on the nature of happiness. We all seek to live happy lives and it is my thought that this would be a lot easier to achieve if we had a full understanding of happiness. What is happiness? What makes us feel it? Can we self-generate it? And all of this thinking about happiness brought me to a startling epiphany. Continue reading