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This weeks comic releases bring us a return of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque’s American Vampire. Being the first comic I’ve read all day, after moving, cooking, and watching some TV with the children; I was quite ready for for blood and guts to splatter across the page. And for $6.99, I expect to not be disappointed. Continue reading


Roti – Hannibal 110

Sorry this review is only just now coming up. Hopefully the delays that have been plaguing the site will soon come to an end. The Psyborg TV crowd-funding campaign is now up and running and the new site is almost completely built and only waiting on a web host. In the meantime, I will resume regular posting here. And what better way to begin regular posts than with a review of NBC’s Hannibal? Continue reading

These days films and television shows are overpopulated by movies in which a normal human and a supernatural being fall in love. There are so many of these in fact that simply using this plot device causes the film or show to lose points with me. So when I started watching Warm Bodies for the purpose of this review it already had some work to do. And hour and a half later, the film was over and I had my opinion on whether you should buy, rent, or skip this movie. Continue reading

While all the other geek sites out there are reviewing the new comics coming out from the big names, I thought I’d take a look at what some of the smaller publishers brought us today. And I thought I’d start with something of a curiosity. Next Testament from BOOM! is written by Mark Miller (a writer that needs no introduction to regular comic book readers) and Clive Barker. You may have heard of Mr. Barker. He’s the guy who wrote The Hellbound Heart which would go on to become Hellraiser. So what vision does this duo bring to us? Continue reading

Years ago I saw an ad within the pages of Rue Morgue for a short film that seemed pretty interesting. It was a modern silent film (even before The Artist came out) titled The Listening Dead. The thought of someone doing a silent film in today’s day and age intrigued me, so I went online searching for it. On YouTube I found a trailer for the film. Even more intrigued I went to the website. But alas, you needed a credit card to get a DVD of the film which, at the time I did not have. The memory of the film had slipped away for a while, but recently returned and so I went back YouTube to view the trailer again. Lo and behold, the entire short film from Phil Mucci was uploaded. After years of wondering about this film, I hit play. Continue reading

If Hannibal Lecter is the most prolific serial killer in the world created by Thomas Harris and recently brought to life on the small screen by Bryan Fuller on NBC, then Special Agent Will Graham is the most prolific profiler. Every week he is presented with strange cases, each one not more disturbing than the last, but uniquely disturbing in their own rights. From people being used to fertilize mushrooms and “transformed” into mock angels to being turned into musical instruments and, this week, totem poles. If there is one thing you can count on from this show, it is a continuous stream of disturbing. The perfect prime time show for horror fans the world over. Continue reading

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It was hard for me to imagine the Hannibal Lecter story being adapted well for TV. What was even harder to imagine was that a network television station would be able to. However, NBC has surprised me week after week with suspenseful plotting, engaging performances, and disturbing crime scenes. Really, the only thing separating Hannibal from an HBO or Showtime level show is the lack of overly coarse language, nudity, and sex. What did the good doctor have in store for us this week? Continue reading

OrbNot too long ago, I put up a post about an online television station, Black Flag TV, and the future of TV online. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to do my own part in bringing you entertainment online as well. I would like to introduce to you Psyborg TV, an online source for classic and independent science fiction, fantasy, and horror films. Read on to learn more about this project and what you can expect from us. Continue reading

Under the Black Flag TV

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TV is making a slow, but steady move to the internet. It started with services like YouTube that allowed visitors to upload their own videos for public consumption. Then came HULU and similar services that allowed us to stream shows we wanted to see. Slowly, networks are starting to stream their content on their websites (such as BBC in Europe) and through their own apps (such as HBO Go) as well. I knew it wouldn’t be long before we started seeing online only channels as well. And it has started happening as well. For instance, there is Geek & Sundry which describes itself as …an internet community centered around web videos with shows about comics, games, movies, books, and more. Currently Geek & Sundry has sixteen shows listed. But viewers are restrained to the on-demand format, picking and choosing what they watch. There is a fairly new face in the crowd though – Black Flag TV. Continue reading


05 Film Burn

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Also coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on the seventh is the gothic horror story Mama starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of Game of Thrones fame (he plays Jamie Lannister) and Jessica Chastain from Zero Dark Thirty. The film also stars two child actors, Isabelle Nélisse and Megan Charpentier (she plays The Red Queen in Resident Evil: Retribution). This is a hard genre in any medium to work in because there are so many stories spanning from great to horrible that there is almost literally no way to make a story seem original in it. How did Mama stack up and should you buy, rent, or pass? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading