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Thou Shall Not Try

churchofgeekIf one spends enough time immersed in geek culture, one begins to realize that the various stories found in novels, comic books, video games, and movies are more than just grandiose collections of action and special effects. A good many of the stories that geeks hold dear to their hearts possess very strong stories with very strong messages. In this new segment of the blog, which will carry over into the new one when it is launched, we will explore the meanings and moral tales behind some of the most popular and not-so-popular titles in geekdom. And what better way to start things off than with a look at one of the most popular scenes from Star Wars Episode V. Continue reading



nerdfatherOne of the hardest things about being a single parent is being able to do the things you want and/or need to do. This is especially true if the kids find what you want or need to do boring. Any single parent could tell you that it is a hard life. Now imagine me with four children, trying to start up a website, write fiction, and plan out films while also mediating sibling spats, preparing meals, and answering all of their silly questions! Even I’m surprised that I haven’t taken a trip to the local loony bin yet. What’s my trick, my method for getting it all done? Inclusion. Continue reading

Changes Coming

We are going to be experiencing some changes here at Geeking Cool in light of recent events in the personal life of its owner/operator. In the wake of his recent separation from his wife, there will be a much wider variety of posts coming from us as he no longer needs to dedicate spending time with her. Also, he has had to pick up a second job. Therefore some posts, mainly reviews, may come a bit later than usual. It will be hard to get a review of certain shows up if I am working at a normal job until 3 am. However, the posts will continue to pour in. Continue reading