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Roti – Hannibal 110

Sorry this review is only just now coming up. Hopefully the delays that have been plaguing the site will soon come to an end. The Psyborg TV crowd-funding campaign is now up and running and the new site is almost completely built and only waiting on a web host. In the meantime, I will resume regular posting here. And what better way to begin regular posts than with a review of NBC’s Hannibal? Continue reading


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The Chesapeake Ripper remains at large after last week’s episode of NBC’s Hannibal and, with so many personal stakes in the case, everyone at the FBI is anxious to catch him. Will Graham, plagued by his uncanny ability to put himself in the mind of the killers he hunts, can’t seem the grasp this one. Therefore, he continuously turns to Hannibal as a means to gain new perspectives and, I suspect, to make sure he is not going completely nuts himself. And Dr. Lecter is always there for him with an ear to listen, some wine to relax, and some discomfort food for the soul. As this series unfolds, tension mounts for us onlookers, especially those of us who know the story behind the show. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading

Hannibal – Amuse-Bouche

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Last week we reviewed the series premiere of Hannibal, NBC’s new show based on Thomas Harris’ characters. There were several elements to the show that we genuinely enjoyed, but were not overly impressed. However, we have decided to give the show another chance and watch the sophomore episode after reminding ourselves that the first episode of Game of Thrones was not very impressive to us either. And look what that turned into. Thus, we give you our thoughts on episode 2, Amuse-Bouche. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading