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I have always loved the old pulp heroes from fiction and radio dramas. Over the past few years Dynamite Entertainment has done a wonderful job at bringing these characters back to life. Among these characters is Lamont Cranston, otherwise known as The Shadow. Despite my affinity to these characters, this weeks issue is the first time I’ve met the character that has become a legend of pulp fiction staring in fiction, radio drama, TV serials, and movies. How well does dynamite do at introducing me? Continue reading


Is it just me, or does she look like Jennifer Aniston?

Released from Dynamite Entertainment today is Jennifer Blood: First Blood #5. Jennifer Blood was created by Garth Ennis, an amazing writer, and artist Adriano Batista. However, this series, telling the origin story of daytime soccer mom/nighttime vigilante Jennifer Blute, is written and illustrated by a different team. How well do they handle the material laid out for them by a comic book legend? Continue reading