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This weeks comic releases bring us a return of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque’s American Vampire. Being the first comic I’ve read all day, after moving, cooking, and watching some TV with the children; I was quite ready for for blood and guts to splatter across the page. And for $6.99, I expect to not be disappointed. Continue reading


It seems that for the relaunch of Batman through DC’s New 52, the plan was to put him through hell over and over and over again. His shadow has become a ladder and any that pass underneath it are made to suffer. Another Robin was killed (but honestly, by this point Bruce should know better than to put anyone in that costume). And now, yet another person suffers the consequences of knowing Gotham’s Dark Knight. What’s more, I warned him last month. Continue reading

04 Geek on ComicsAlong with Action Comics, there is probably no more important title at DC Comics that Detective Comics. We can only imagine the the tremendous pressure the the writers and artists that work on this title are under. After all, Batman is one of the only comic book characters that have surpassed being a fiction identity to become an icon and Detective Comics is his flagship book. Last month’s huge celebration of 900 consecutive issues failed to deliver the bang this title deserves. So what do we get from issue 901? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading

When we heard about DC making yet another Superman movie we couldn’t help but face-palm ourselves and wonder what they were thinking. They tried this in 2006 and, let’s face it, the results were horrible. We can’t place all the blame on the cast a crew of this film though. Superman is just a hard character to make interesting. The last son of Krypton is just so immensely powerful that, unless you are doing a cosmic scaled plot, there is no one that can stand up to Kal-El. And that is where the 2006 film went wrong. They delivered an old and overused Superman plot with a lot of shiny new special effects. Then a name was attached to Man of Steel that gave us hope – Zack Snyder. Continue reading

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Batman has always been one of our favorite heroes. There is something alluring about a regular guy who has conditioned himself physically and mentally to fight crime, something that makes us all feel that we could do it too. So when Batman books come out, we are always willing to read. And when we picked up Batman: the Dark Knight #19, “Pool of Tears”, we were happy to find the caped cruisader’s adversary for this arc is The Mad Hatter. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading