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It has been an eventful season this year on HBO’s top rated drama Game of Thrones. The show is based on the epic fantasy saga A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin and each volume of the series is massive. I have had the pleasure of reading the five novels currently composing the collection and eagerly await the next. However, despite having read the books (and I’ve heard other bibliophiles say the same thing), I had no idea where the producers of the show were going to take us for the season three finale. In fact, the show has managed to please those who have read the series just as much as those who have not. But the events of the third book, A Storm of Swords, are something of a delicate matter for those that truly care about this story. How well did HBO do on bringing these events to the screen? Continue reading


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HBO has been drawing the story out this season as the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros fall deeper and deeper into civil war. Blood is boiling in the veins of the Northerners, the Southerners, the queen living in exile, the Wildings and giants, and the men of the Night’s Watch. Meanwhile, the blood runs cold in the veins of the White Walkers. Stakes are being raised, alliances made, and schemes plotted. The plot has not stuck strictly to the book, but they are adding new dimensions and possibilities in the show that we didn’t get from the massive volumes that compose A Song of Ice and Fire. How did this episode of HBO’s blockbuster series fair? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading