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Thou Shall Not Try

churchofgeekIf one spends enough time immersed in geek culture, one begins to realize that the various stories found in novels, comic books, video games, and movies are more than just grandiose collections of action and special effects. A good many of the stories that geeks hold dear to their hearts possess very strong stories with very strong messages. In this new segment of the blog, which will carry over into the new one when it is launched, we will explore the meanings and moral tales behind some of the most popular and not-so-popular titles in geekdom. And what better way to start things off than with a look at one of the most popular scenes from Star Wars Episode V. Continue reading



nerdfatherOne of the hardest things about being a single parent is being able to do the things you want and/or need to do. This is especially true if the kids find what you want or need to do boring. Any single parent could tell you that it is a hard life. Now imagine me with four children, trying to start up a website, write fiction, and plan out films while also mediating sibling spats, preparing meals, and answering all of their silly questions! Even I’m surprised that I haven’t taken a trip to the local loony bin yet. What’s my trick, my method for getting it all done? Inclusion. Continue reading

When we heard about DC making yet another Superman movie we couldn’t help but face-palm ourselves and wonder what they were thinking. They tried this in 2006 and, let’s face it, the results were horrible. We can’t place all the blame on the cast a crew of this film though. Superman is just a hard character to make interesting. The last son of Krypton is just so immensely powerful that, unless you are doing a cosmic scaled plot, there is no one that can stand up to Kal-El. And that is where the 2006 film went wrong. They delivered an old and overused Superman plot with a lot of shiny new special effects. Then a name was attached to Man of Steel that gave us hope – Zack Snyder. Continue reading

In yesterday’s opening to this series, Money, Man’s Solution To Everything, we looked at the reason behind humanity creating money. The article admitted that the invention helped solve the problems created by the barter system but, upon further examination of the monetary system, we found that it led to the creation of poverty in the world. Yet, as we are about to see, poverty is only the beginning of the problems. If money creates poverty, think then of all the problems that poverty creates. On the surface are the most obvious: hunger, loss of housing, loss of jobs, poor hygiene, loss of healthcare, and much more. Continue reading

In the wee hours of the morning, we posted our top three picks for who we would like to see Deadpool face in the new movie (currently waiting for a greenlight from Fox). Admittedly, three characters is not a lot. However, we have been thinking long and hard about this post. In this segment (to become regular) we offer you a movie we want to see made. Now, we remember when Wizard magazine used to run who they would like to see cast in roles for certain movies, but we are taking it a step farther. Geeking Cool is bringing you cast, director, and a brief synopsis. And we are kicking things off with a character we intentionally left off of our Deadpool rival list: CABLE. Continue reading

Given the poor manner in which Fox handled Deadpool in the Wolverine movie (not to mention Gambit), I was glad to hear about Ryan Reynolds (perfect for the role by the way) talking about an R-rated spin-off. Then the script was leaked and I refused to read it or anything about it. Let’s face it, they have probably changed it since it’s leak a couple years ago. Everything could be different, including the villain. Therefore, we have compiled a list of baddies that we would love to see “the Merc with a Mouth” go up against. Continue reading

Ah, humanity… you silly, silly creatures. Thousands of years ago you conceive the idea of evolution. Since then, you have refined the idea and shown it to be a scientific fact. And what have you done with this incredible knowledge? Aside from digging in the dirt, publishing papers and books, and arguing over whether or not we should believe in a scientific fact – absolutely nothing. That’s right, despite your ability for logical thought and deductive reasoning, you have failed to see the biggest advantage of holding this knowledge. Continue reading

We have watched SyFy Channel’s Robot Combat League since it first aired in March. There is something about giant robots beating the hell that gets our blood pumping. Tonight’s episode did not fail at this in the slightest. Here is our review of tonight’s episode. WARNING: SPOILERS Continue reading