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OrbNot too long ago I made the announcement that Geeking Cool would be rolled in together with another of my projects, Psyborg TV. Since then, I have been working feverishly designing and building the new website. This new site will contain a new and improved blog covering everything from comic books and movies to physics and philosophy. Additionally, it will also contain original fiction and original short films. All of the content on the site will be free as well (though we will have paid versions of fiction, a swag shop, and DVDs for sale). The site will be ad-supported, but it needs your help to get started. How would you like to become an Associate Producer for Psyborg TV’s website, fiction, and films? Read on to find out how. Continue reading


OrbOkay, so I’m the kind of guy that gets scatter brained from time to time and starts working on so many damn projects that it’s hard to keep up with it all. That is sort of what’s happening with Geeking Cool and Psyborg TV. Usually I will abandon a project if things get too hectic. However, I really care about both projects and would love to see both of them succeed (also, my therapist wants me to continue working on creative stuff so I don’t kill anybody). Therefore, instead of abandoning one or both of them, I am going to roll them into one project. Thus, some more changes are on their way and these are awesome changes guys! Continue reading

Geeking CoolThings have been pretty hectic around here and postings have been sparse. I assure you though that this blog will not go the way of so many others, with posts tapering off to nothingness. Actually, quite the opposite is happening and the sparse posting has very good reasons. Here is a brief glimpse into what is going on behind the scenes at Geeking Cool. Continue reading

Conflict of Schedule

Having started a second ordinary job, I am going to have to change some things around with the site. For instance, I had started reviewing SyFy’s reboot of Weird or What last week. Unfortunately, the hours I will be working at my second job conflict with me watching this program and SyFy does not have it in their on demand lineup. Therefore, I will no longer be reviewing it. Instead, I will be bringing you a Review from the Vault or some other topic in the wee hours of the morning. Thursday’s reviews of Hannibal will also be affected by this conflict. However, NBC kindly does provide the show on demand. Therefore, the review will only be delayed until the new episode is available for streaming. Sorry for any inconvenience.

03 ScienceIn response to last night’s episode of Weird or What, I would like to take a look at the possible existence of extraterrestrial life – evidence for its existence, some crazy theories people have about it, etc. You have to admit, no matter what your viewpoint is, it is an interesting topic of debate. Humanity has been obsessed with it since we first discovered the existence of other planets. Books, comics, art, television shows, movies, and more abound with close encounters with alien life. Sometimes these encounters are peaceful and heartwarming like in ET. Other times, they are filled with violence and human fears like in War of the Worlds. So what is the most likely scenario for alien life if there exists one at all? Continue reading

Read the Article on Science Daily

03 ScienceSilicon is not just for computers and breast enlargement anymore. It was reported on Science Daily today that scientists at Rice University have discovered that, in a liquid crystal state, silicon becomes 90% stiffer when gently and repeatedly compressed. Since silicon is biocompatible, this material can be used to engineer human tissue and may soon be used to patch up damaged cartilage. However, we can think of quite a few ways we’d like to see liquid crystal silicon put to use. Below are just a few. Continue reading

Changes Coming

We are going to be experiencing some changes here at Geeking Cool in light of recent events in the personal life of its owner/operator. In the wake of his recent separation from his wife, there will be a much wider variety of posts coming from us as he no longer needs to dedicate spending time with her. Also, he has had to pick up a second job. Therefore some posts, mainly reviews, may come a bit later than usual. It will be hard to get a review of certain shows up if I am working at a normal job until 3 am. However, the posts will continue to pour in. Continue reading

Geeking Cool Mingframe?

Some of you may have noticed that the name of our Twitter account, Geeking Cool Mainframe, has changed it’s name to Geeking Cool Mingframe. What happened here? Well, earlier today, we tweeted that if Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen followed us that we would change our name to Geeking Cool Mingframe for a week. Not long after, we received the alert that Ming did in fact follow us. Therefore, we are the Geeking Cool Mingframe on Twitter until the 30th of this month. We will be running similar events in the future. Thanks for the follow Ming.


I went and spoke with my childrens’ grandfather today. He is willing to get his own apartment and pay the rent on it if I pay food and half of the cable/internet. Geeking Cool will remain online! We need your help to though. Donations and ad sales are always welcome, but please spread the word about the site. We try our best to bring you honest reviews and insightful articles and increased readership will allow us to invest more in the site (getting our own domain and attracting quality advertisers). This is a call for assistance from all geeks, nerds, dorks, fanboys, egg heads, and cool people in general. Thank you in advance. Stay posted for our review of tonight’s Vikings.

It would seem that Geeking Cool may need to take a bit of a hiatus as I try to find a place to relocate the children and myself to. My wife, the woman whom I love and devoted myself to entirely appears to no longer want to deal with the children or myself. In fact, she is off meeting my replacement as we speak. I will get reviews and posts up as soon as possible. And tweets will continue from my cell phone. Again, we apologize.