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OrbNot too long ago I made the announcement that Geeking Cool would be rolled in together with another of my projects, Psyborg TV. Since then, I have been working feverishly designing and building the new website. This new site will contain a new and improved blog covering everything from comic books and movies to physics and philosophy. Additionally, it will also contain original fiction and original short films. All of the content on the site will be free as well (though we will have paid versions of fiction, a swag shop, and DVDs for sale). The site will be ad-supported, but it needs your help to get started. How would you like to become an Associate Producer for Psyborg TV’s website, fiction, and films? Read on to find out how. Continue reading


Years ago I saw an ad within the pages of Rue Morgue for a short film that seemed pretty interesting. It was a modern silent film (even before The Artist came out) titled The Listening Dead. The thought of someone doing a silent film in today’s day and age intrigued me, so I went online searching for it. On YouTube I found a trailer for the film. Even more intrigued I went to the website. But alas, you needed a credit card to get a DVD of the film which, at the time I did not have. The memory of the film had slipped away for a while, but recently returned and so I went back YouTube to view the trailer again. Lo and behold, the entire short film from Phil Mucci was uploaded. After years of wondering about this film, I hit play. Continue reading


02 IndiegeekIt has been a while since I made a post about a YouTube video and so I thought I’d bring you a good one. I am not usually a fan of “art house films”. Usually, I find the images and story don’t match up right and the messages being delivered are too abstract. In other words, I am of the mind that art is for canvas, literature, sculpture, and the like while film is for entertainment and information. When I saw the title of this film I was not too interested either as I’m not too interested in Jewish Mythology. But I hot the play button anyway and started watching Golem. Continue reading

IndieGeek – Plurality

02 IndiegeekWe have yet another wonderful short film for you. Plurality is a sleek science fiction film from the Short Time Quickies YouTube channel. The film is set in the not-too-distant future of New York following the installment of a security grid that tracks people’s every action through DNA. The result is a lower crime rate and more efficient lives for New Yorkers (not having to carry around keys, credit cards, etc). But is this security system in the people’s best interest? Continue reading