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I have always loved the old pulp heroes from fiction and radio dramas. Over the past few years Dynamite Entertainment has done a wonderful job at bringing these characters back to life. Among these characters is Lamont Cranston, otherwise known as The Shadow. Despite my affinity to these characters, this weeks issue is the first time I’ve met the character that has become a legend of pulp fiction staring in fiction, radio drama, TV serials, and movies. How well does dynamite do at introducing me? Continue reading


This weeks comic releases bring us a return of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque’s American Vampire. Being the first comic I’ve read all day, after moving, cooking, and watching some TV with the children; I was quite ready for for blood and guts to splatter across the page. And for $6.99, I expect to not be disappointed. Continue reading

Is it just me, or does she look like Jennifer Aniston?

Released from Dynamite Entertainment today is Jennifer Blood: First Blood #5. Jennifer Blood was created by Garth Ennis, an amazing writer, and artist Adriano Batista. However, this series, telling the origin story of daytime soccer mom/nighttime vigilante Jennifer Blute, is written and illustrated by a different team. How well do they handle the material laid out for them by a comic book legend? Continue reading

While all the other geek sites out there are reviewing the new comics coming out from the big names, I thought I’d take a look at what some of the smaller publishers brought us today. And I thought I’d start with something of a curiosity. Next Testament from BOOM! is written by Mark Miller (a writer that needs no introduction to regular comic book readers) and Clive Barker. You may have heard of Mr. Barker. He’s the guy who wrote The Hellbound Heart which would go on to become Hellraiser. So what vision does this duo bring to us? Continue reading

Last month I reviewed a brand new title from Aspen Comics. Jinri #1 was an amazing debut issue that had me hooked from the very beginning and I would be remiss if I didn’t follow up with the sophomore issue. This is the first time I have reviewed it under the new scoring system though, so how does it stand up under closer scrutiny? Continue reading

It seems that for the relaunch of Batman through DC’s New 52, the plan was to put him through hell over and over and over again. His shadow has become a ladder and any that pass underneath it are made to suffer. Another Robin was killed (but honestly, by this point Bruce should know better than to put anyone in that costume). And now, yet another person suffers the consequences of knowing Gotham’s Dark Knight. What’s more, I warned him last month. Continue reading

Star Wars #5

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Ah Star Wars, can anything done in your name be bad? I mean, aside from Jar Jar Binks and Ewoks. For today’s first comic book review, I thought I’d take a look at Dark Horse’s Star Wars #5. After all, it’s been a while since I’ve seen or read any new material in the amazing world created by master storyteller George Lucas. And I’ve always been curious about how Dark Horse handled the material. Continue reading

Thanos Rising #2

04 Geek on ComicsLast month we took a look at Thanos Rising #1 and gave it all five alien heads, suggesting you drop Marvel’s Age of Ultron storyline and pick this one up. At last, we have been given the origin story of arguably the most murderous villain in the Marvel universe. Issue number two takes place a few years after the first issue and drives us further into the madness going on inside the head of a young Thanos. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading

04 Geek on ComicsAlong with Action Comics, there is probably no more important title at DC Comics that Detective Comics. We can only imagine the the tremendous pressure the the writers and artists that work on this title are under. After all, Batman is one of the only comic book characters that have surpassed being a fiction identity to become an icon and Detective Comics is his flagship book. Last month’s huge celebration of 900 consecutive issues failed to deliver the bang this title deserves. So what do we get from issue 901? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! Continue reading