This weeks comic releases bring us a return of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque’s American Vampire. Being the first comic I’ve read all day, after moving, cooking, and watching some TV with the children; I was quite ready for for blood and guts to splatter across the page. And for $6.99, I expect to not be disappointed.

The Long Road to Hell takes a look at Jolene Gibbons and William Robert Lee, a couple trying to raise money to get themselves married. Thing is, they’re raising this money through small petty thefts that have drawn the attention of a vampire coven. They soon find themselves both turned into the undead and on a killing spree from Nebraska to Nevada accompanied by a young orphan looking for his father. Or is he?

This is a great story of young love, crime, murder, and horror. Both Snyder and Albuquerque came up with the story for this one-shot and Albuquerque wrote the script and provided the art. He does wonderfully on both, showing the couple’s love for each other, disdain for what they have become, and the driving thirst that plagues them through both the dialog and facial expressions. The colors by Dave McCaig invoke an air of nostalgia perfect for a tale that takes place in the era of poodle skirts, hop dances, and greasers. I would love to see more of this title.


Originality: 4/5 – There are tons of vampire love tales out there, but this is one of the better ones. This one even brings to mind an essence of Bonnie & Clyde.
Story and Dialog: 4/5 – Can seem a bit patchy in places, but overall it is excellently conceived and scripted.
Art: 5/5 – Albuquerque’s art brings the 50s to life. It’s like opening up a very grown up issue of Archie and finding Archie has turned into a bloodthirsty vampire.
Colors: 5/5 – There appears to be a slight sepia tone to the colors, invoking the nostalgia of the 50s.
Repeat Reading: 3/5 – Though a very good story, I couldn’t really see myself going to this book for another read before many other books.

Score: 