OrbNot too long ago I made the announcement that Geeking Cool would be rolled in together with another of my projects, Psyborg TV. Since then, I have been working feverishly designing and building the new website. This new site will contain a new and improved blog covering everything from comic books and movies to physics and philosophy. Additionally, it will also contain original fiction and original short films. All of the content on the site will be free as well (though we will have paid versions of fiction, a swag shop, and DVDs for sale). The site will be ad-supported, but it needs your help to get started. How would you like to become an Associate Producer for Psyborg TV’s website, fiction, and films? Read on to find out how.

In the hopes of getting the new website running as soon as possible, I have started an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise the start-up capital needed. All I really need is $100, but IndieGoGo’s minimum goal amount is $500. The campaign is set up to be flexible (the money is donated to the project even if it doesn’t reach its goal) and the first $100 will go towards getting the website up and running (if we don’t raise that much, whatever we do raise will go to this end and I will seek the rest through other means). Anything over the initial $100 will go towards creating original short sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films.

If all I need is $100, why don’t I fund it myself? I am a single father raising four children. I work two “real-world” jobs and still find it hard to get even thirty hours per week. $100 can put a real dent in making sure the children have everything they need. Therefore, I am seeking the kindness of strangers – people that love sci-fi, fantasy, and horror; people that would love to have some original fiction to read free of charge; people that want to watch some original short films; people that believe in the power of giving and seeing others succeed.


The campaign offers several perks for contributors. At the very smallest level, you can get a shout-out on our Twitter account. At the very highest level you get a Chief Associate Producer credit at the beginning of the first short film (currently in pre-production), an exclusive short story featuring a character not to be released to the general public until next year, and a lifetime of being able to view our films before anybody else.

Additionally, helping the Psyborg TV campaign also helps other independent creators. As stated earlier, the new site will be ad-supported. Every year, I will take 10% of the income from advertising on the site and contribute it to other indie projects. So helping the site get launched is just like supporting other indie creators for the rest of your life! Please, consider helping out. And remember, not all support is monetary. You can let others know about the campaign too. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read my posts and visit the site. I hope to continue bringing you reviews, news, and more on a new website very soon!