After a week-long wait, new episodes of Defiance have once again started on SyFy. I hope you took the week to get caught up on the six episodes that have already aired. This is possibly the channel’s most ambitious endeavor with an amazingly detailed world, huge special effects, and an integrated MMORPG that affects and is affected by events in the show. We are glad it’s back. So was the wait worth it?

A storm approaches the town of Defiance as Irisa has a vision of her friend Sukar dying. Her and Nolan travel into the badlands to investigate, discovering that her vision had already occurred and that the approaching storm is a “razor rain” (falling shrapnel from the ships caught in Earth’s gravity). Nolan returns to town to warn the citizens while Irisa stays behind to attend Sukar’s funeral.

At the McCawley residence, ex-mayor Nicky Riordan shows up to look for the quiet man that works for her named Birch. Problem is, Birch was killed last episode by Quentin McCawley. Rafe, patron of the McCawley family tries to cover this up, but ends up giving it away when he confesses to the murder.

Stahma Tarr arrives in the town’s best little bar and pleasure house to ask Kenya Rosewater, Mayor Rosewater’s sister, to show her son the ropes of sleeping with a human woman before he marries one. After unintentionally, offending the white-haired beauty, Kenya tries to make up for it by buying Stahma a drink. As the night wears on, it is Stahma that Kenya ends up in bed with instead of her son.

In the badlands, the sinking ritual for Sukar is underway. But when his body is lowered into what I assume is acid, he rises completely unscathed. He proclaims himself to be the path through which his god flows and sets of on a mission, pulling Irisa along for the ride. He begins gathering electronics before breaking into the town’s radio station and turning the famous St. Louis arch into an antenna. The point? To beacon a single ship from the debris floating above Earth.

This was a very exciting return to new episodes and I was pleased to see Irisa making more of a connection to her own people. I also loved the idea of shrapnel raining from debris caught in orbit around the Earth. It all made for some very original viewing.

Originality: 5/5 – metal rain… acid bath funerals… yeah, it’s original.
Story: 5/5 – there is a lot going on and not all of it is connected, but I have a feeling it will all get tied together by the end of the season.
Performances: 4.5/5 – a couple of the extras could have performed a little better, but that’s the only complaint I can come up with.
Special Effects: 4/5 – They look really good but some of them were rough around the edges, separating the story from the effects.
Repeat Viewing: 5/5 – great story, plus Stahma and Kenya making out. Who wouldn’t watch this episode repeatedly?

Score: 