Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Things have been kind of hectic here with planning out the new website and all. However, I did just a few minutes to read the next installment of Lincoln Crisler’s Corrupts Absolutely?. Today I bring you my review of “Acquainted with the Dark” by Cat Rambo. Cat has been writing for quite a while and, ironically, one of my poems appeared in an issue of Aoife’s Kiss featuring another of her stories. I greatly enjoyed that one and was pleased to see she’d made a contribution to this anthology.

“Acquainted with the Dark” is the story of Captain Hurricane as he looks back on his life’s ups and dawns. As a pimple-faced adolescent, he worked as a gopher for a large research company that held many military contracts. To earn some extra cash, he submitted himself as a test subject, gaining superhuman strength and speed. When he is let go from the company he joins the Weather Team, a group of superheroes put together by a talent agent. In the team, he falls in love, breaks hearts, and deals with the pain of loss. All of it, bringing him to where he is in life now.

This is a brief story, but it is very effective. Cat Rambo manages to bring so many emotions to life in what is perhaps one of the best slice-of-life stories I have read. Of all the superhuman characters in this anthology, Captain Hurricane comes across as the most real. This is a man with real problems and a real history. Add to this Cat’s excellent style and ability to draw you in to the tale she is weaving. “Acquainted with the Dark” gets 

Corrupts Absolutely? Is an absolute thrill ride filled with highly original stories from some great writers. After this amazing tale it remains at 4.5 alien heads.