OrbOkay, so I’m the kind of guy that gets scatter brained from time to time and starts working on so many damn projects that it’s hard to keep up with it all. That is sort of what’s happening with Geeking Cool and Psyborg TV. Usually I will abandon a project if things get too hectic. However, I really care about both projects and would love to see both of them succeed (also, my therapist wants me to continue working on creative stuff so I don’t kill anybody). Therefore, instead of abandoning one or both of them, I am going to roll them into one project. Thus, some more changes are on their way and these are awesome changes guys!


First, some readers may be aware that I recently started a new “off-line” job. I’m not happy about it, but it has provided me with some extra cash. Therefore, within the next month I will be getting my very own professional website. The new site will host the blog and my video content in one spot making everything a lot less scattered over the digital universe. Hopefully, this will make it a lot less scattered in my brain as well.


While scouting around for a web host (I have one picked out already), I ran into a minor hiccup. GeekingCool.com was taken. Sure, I could get GeekingCool.net, but why mess with the confusion that some might run into when they type “.com” instead of “.net” and are taken to some other site that has absolutely no content what-so-ever. Therefore, the whole thing will move under the Psyborg TV title. It’ll still be the same, if not better, content – just under a new brand.


I have gathered over 300 followers on the Geeking Cool Twitter account, Geeking Cool Mainframe (@geekingcool). I really do not want to give up those followers and so I will be changing the name of the account to PsyborgTV. I will then slowly coax followers over to the PsyborgTV.com Twitter account before deleting @geekingcool.


Yes, I know and apologize whole-heartedly. The project was huge and not well thought out. For starters, I have to spend time seeking and downloading the films and extra videos, then cut them together, then save them in movie format, then upload them. The whole process of saving and uploading can take a day in and of itself. But the video content project is not dead. I am in the process of creating a short film and a series not unlike MST3K. Until they are ready, I will have to hold off on future double features.


There will be daily and weekly topics on the new blog. Daily posts will include things like the Geek TV reviews and weekly posts will include things like the Geek on Comics reviews. Instead of focusing on quantity for the video content, I am focusing on quality. I won’t be able to produce the amount of content say Geek & Sundry does, but what I do produce will be awesome. Indie creators should also rejoice. Psyborg TV tries to find ways to help support your work and this will continue on the new site. Shout-outs on social media, discounted ad space, free commercial spots… all this and more is being considered to help you get word of your project out. Interactive content will come soon as well. I have ideas galore and all you have to do is follow to reap their rewards.


For those of you willing to stick around through this process, your patience is greatly appreciated. I have a wealth of great content to bring you. You can even get a jump on the change by following the PsyborgTV Twitter account now at http://twitter.com/PsyborgTV. If all this excitement puts you off though, I hope you return in the future and find the new formerly named Geeking Cool a great place to read about comics, books, movies, shows, and more as well as a great provider of online video content.