It is time once again dear readers to take a look at another story from Lincoln Crisler’s collection of superhuman fiction titled Corrupts Absolutely?. I have enjoyed most of the tales in the anthology so far. Each author takes a unique look at what happens when a regular person is either born with or obtains superhuman powers. Today’s tale, “Fixed” by Trisha Wooldridge, is one of the few stories in the book written by a female. She is an editor at Spencer Hill Press and writes about a wide variety of subjects. What did I think about her addition to Corrupts Absolutely?, read on to find out.

This story features a very strong female lead, Victoria Chattham, who is working on a robotic suit project. However, she is being treated more as a equal opportunity employment fulfiller than an intelligent engineer. It isn’t until she shows the men surrounding her on the project her own robotic prosthetic that they begin to take her seriously. Quickly, she takes the lead on the project though and the time spent on it is starting to affect her already troubled home life. There is also the fact that she is certain her despotic boss knows that she did not obtain her replacement arm through completely legal means. It all leads up to one of the most exciting negotiation scenes I have ever read in fiction.

Very well written and thought out, this story becomes more than just an author using Iron Man as a basis for a quick story. Wooldridge creates a very strong and well rounded character in Victoria and the reader starts to feel for her. Of all the characters in this entire collection, I am more forgiving of her for using her powers for personal gain than the others. That said, I felt the ending was weak. Not the whole thing, just the very last line. Despite this, “Fixed” is a very good read and a solid addition to this anthology. It gets ½

Corrupts Absolutely? has held steady at 4 and 4.5 alien heads throughout this whole review. An impressive feat. There are few indie anthologies that could stand up to this scrutiny. I hope anyone able to picks up or downloads a copy and introduces themselves to some superpowered humans they won’t be able to meet through Marvel or DC.