These days films and television shows are overpopulated by movies in which a normal human and a supernatural being fall in love. There are so many of these in fact that simply using this plot device causes the film or show to lose points with me. So when I started watching Warm Bodies for the purpose of this review it already had some work to do. And hour and a half later, the film was over and I had my opinion on whether you should buy, rent, or skip this movie.

Meet… well, in the beginning he doesn’t really have a name… but we will come to know him a R. R is a zombie and, like most zombies that have not turned into walking skeletons, he retains some inner workings of his former self. He listens to vinyl records, collects things, and even has a friend. However, he is a zombie and still needs to feed. As he and his buddies attack a group of humans foraging for medicine, R runs into Julie and falls in love with her after eating her boyfriend’s brain. He saves Julie from the attack and takes her back home. As they spend time together R starts to change, becoming more human. And the others, seeing their relationship bud, start to change as well. Now the couple must convince Julie’s father that the dead are literally coming back to life before he wipes them all out. Oh, and the skeletons seem a bit jealous and decide to attack zombie and living alike.

This film managed to overcome my initial thoughts over its premise fairly quickly. It becomes a highly imaginative zombie flick that is humorous throughout. And it did it all without the annoying teen drama that accompanies films like these. Another thing to point out is that this is quite possible the first zombie film I’ve seen in which the dead can continue to decay after they’ve risen as walkers. This is something I incorporate into all my own zombie fiction because it just makes sense. So where does the film stand in this week’s DVD buyer’s guide.

Originality: 5/5 – Despite the human falling in love with a supernatural creature, this is a highly original and imaginative zombie flick.
Story: 4/5 – holds everything together in a neat little package and introduces zombies holding onto remnants of their past lives early to make things more believable when they start coming back to life.
Performances: 5/5 – Everyone does a great job including John Malkavich who plays Julie’s father.
Special Effects: 4/5 – Very smooth effects, though the skeletal zombies remind me of the lesser mummies from the 90s movie franchise.
Repeat Viewing: 5/5 – This becomes a very fun film to watch for its humor and unique take on zombies.


This movie a definite buy. On your trip out to get DVDs this week, throw it in with the others tomake sure you will get at least one you will be happy with.