What happens when a woman with a severe dissociative illness and skin disease gets loose? This week’s episode of Hannibal is what happens, providing us with yet another gruesomely delightful exploration into the mind of the man that would track down the infamous Hannibal Lecter. Every week, this exploration gets stranger and stranger. Is Special Agent Will Graham going completely insane, or is there something physically wrong with the FBI’s most talented profiler?

As a woman comes home and readies herself for bed, she notices water dripping from the ceiling and discovers a huge hole in the roof of her rural home. After covering it with plastic she returns to bed but, before she can snuggle under the covers, she is drug screaming under the bed where she meets a blood-squirting end. At the home, the investigators find diseased flesh under her nails and elsewhere while Graham imagines himself as the killer. This time his imagination gets a little too carried away though as he momentarily actually believes he is the killer. Struggling with this new development in his psyche, Will gets an MRI. The doctor, whom Hannibal referred Will to, discovers a rare case of Encephalitis. But neither he, nor Dr. Lecter are telling Will. The opportunity to study the disease is too tempting. Graham, trying to prove to himself that he is not crazy, travels back to the crime scene. He is not alone though. When the killer runs into him, Will manages to get her to identify with him… and stalk him.

This show has delivered time and time again on suspense, action, originality, and (of course) gore. Eventually though, Will is going to have to discover the truth about Hannibal and we will have to see the events that lead up to Thomas Harris’ book that launched the Hannibal character, Red Dragon. Will that be the end of the show? I hope not. Personally, I would love to see Bryan Fullers take on the events in the Harris novels (excluding Hannibal Rising which I am convinced Harris did not write with his own hand). How do I score the episode at hand though?

Originality: 5/5 – provides us with a possible scenario for “real” zombies through the mental illness/skin disease element.
Story: 5/5 – the further we go into this series the stranger and more twisted it becomes, and it does so without diluting the possibility of these events actually happening in real life.
Performances: 5/5 – have I praised the cast for their performances before? Only every week. And they have done just as well this week. Applause to all and to the crew that put this amazing cast together.
Special Effects: 5/5 – splatter-fest during the kill scene, mutilated corpses after, all with enough believability to turn stomachs.
Repeat Viewing: 5/5 – we strongly suggest watching this over and over again until you feel just as unstable as Will Graham and ready to eat someone.

Score: 