Welcome geeks, nerds, and dorks to our review of the seventeenth review of Corrupts Absolutely?, edited by Lincoln Crisler. The anthology features twenty-one talents providing us with off-beat tales of humans with superpowers ranging from telekinesis to making one’s self explode. Today’s tale, “Crooked” by Lee Mather, features a character capable of forming his will into tentacles. Sounds like a Japanese teen’s worst nightmare to me, but lets see how he puts this power to use in the story.

Leon Lighte, a.k.a. Lightfingers, used to work for a local crime syndicate doing burglaries and whatnot. There isn’t a door that could keep Lightfingers out either since he discovered his ability to form his will into tentacles and impose them on inanimate objects. But after stealing thirty grand from his boss, all kinds of lowlifes are ready to make him pay. When his old lover is taken by Weasel Kep, a sadistic rapist that works for Leon’s old boss, he decides to turn himself in. Too bad for all the cronies and baddies in the big guy’s mansion though that no one ever knew about Leon’s little gift. Otherwise, they might have been able to save themselves from the cold revenge Leon had planned all along.

“Crooked” is a tale that lives up to its name. There is a love triangle, hidden intentions, and personal ambitions all rolled into a tale of crime and revenge. It is an interesting plot with an interesting protagonist that feels resentment over his disability while feeling empowered by his ability at the same time. The story as not as polished as I like the fiction I read to be, but it is not unreadable at all. I give this story 

Corrupts Absolutely? remains at 4.5 alien heads. There are only four stories left in this series and not much of a chance that it will slip below a readable level. Do yourselves a favor and check out all the amazing stories and writers featured in this collection.