He we are again ladies and gentlemen. Another tale of superpowered beings has been read, thought over, and judged. Corrupts Absolutely?, edited by Lincoln Crisler, has been a delight so far and I am sad that other projects have kept me from reviewing a story every day recently. Luckily, I got a chance to sit down and read “Sabre” by Anthony Laffan this evening. Anthony is a game designer from western Massachusetts and this entry into an anthology is his first published work. So how does he do in a world populated with some of the most powerful superhumans this side of Krypton? Lets find out.

“Sabre” is the story of a hero with a huge, profitable company and a suit of armor they keep the streets safe with. Sound familiar? Well before you write the story off as an Iron Man ripoff, read on. For starters, the hero of this story is a woman. Leandra Shields is the owner of a multinational tech company with an appetite for women as insatiable as Tony Stark’s. Sorry Tony, she beats you out here. After she takes a dimwitted baddie out who is destroying the city, she heads back to her office where she encounters a reporter fully convinced that she is the armored hero Sabre. Dodging the reporters attacks deftly, she then moves to the secret area of her office – “where the real work is done”. Tonight the work includes a sexy cat burglar in a tight outfit. Oh, and plotting out the next attack on the city.

When I started reading the story, I was ready to chalk it up to Laffan grabbing Marvel’s hero and throwing some breasts on the Mark IV. However, by the end, he had completely made the character his own and even brought us some excellently crafted action. Some more descriptive interaction with the cat burglar would have been nice, but I suspect “Sabre” would have ended up in a very different kind of book then. This does not read as a new author, indicating that Anthony has spent time working on his craft and collecting rejection slips. I am glad that he worked through them and that Crisler gave him a spot in this book. His work deserves a read. I give his tale the full 

Crisler’s Corrupts Absolutely? Maintains its 4.5 alien head score.