Geeking CoolThings have been pretty hectic around here and postings have been sparse. I assure you though that this blog will not go the way of so many others, with posts tapering off to nothingness. Actually, quite the opposite is happening and the sparse posting has very good reasons. Here is a brief glimpse into what is going on behind the scenes at Geeking Cool.

For starters, my wife and I have split up. Much of my time has been spent securing an apartment for the children and myself. We are moving to our new location in about two weeks and hopefully will have internet up and running by the time we get there. If not, posts will still come in. I will just have to go somewhere to highjack a wi-fi signal.

Another contributing factor is my newest project, Psyborg TV. I have loved sci-fi, fantasy, and horror for as long as I can remember and thought I would make my mark in the genres. Currently, the project is showing double features of classic films. It goes even farther than just presenting the movies though, it recreates a complete drive-in experience with welcome messages and all. These double features were being offered on a weekly basis, but this was taking up far too much time. Therefore, the double features have been moved to a monthly basis.Orb

However, more projects have been added to Psyborg TV. In memory of the great show Mystery Science Theater 3000, we are creating a series titled Uncalled-For Commentary. This eight episode show will present a classic genre movie accompanied by an audio commentaries that pokes fun at them. We are accepting short films for mini marathons from independent filmmakers. Speaking of independent short films, I am also in pre-production of my first short film, A Happy Family. This film will premiere on Psyborg TV’s website and YouTube before being submitted to other venues.

As an unrelated side note, we have also changed the way we score the shows, movies, and comics we review. You may have noticed this in recent reviews. The new system breaks down scores for things such as originality, performance, art, repeat viewing value, etc. I then average the scores together for total score. We hope you enjoy the coming posts and Psyborg TV.