If Hannibal Lecter is the most prolific serial killer in the world created by Thomas Harris and recently brought to life on the small screen by Bryan Fuller on NBC, then Special Agent Will Graham is the most prolific profiler. Every week he is presented with strange cases, each one not more disturbing than the last, but uniquely disturbing in their own rights. From people being used to fertilize mushrooms and “transformed” into mock angels to being turned into musical instruments and, this week, totem poles. If there is one thing you can count on from this show, it is a continuous stream of disturbing. The perfect prime time show for horror fans the world over.

In this week’s episode, Graham and Jack Crawford are in Grafton, West Virginia where a disturbing totem pole has been erected. Rather than being carved out of wood though, this pole is made up of dozens of human bodies in various states of decay. All of them, the apparent victims of one man. But as Graham investigates, something strange happens to him. Unexpectedly, Will comes to in Hannibal’s office with no memory of how he got there. He fears he is losing it; and so does Hannibal. As the case progresses, the killer digs up Nick Boyle’s body. Nick was the victim of another serial killer’s daughter – a woman whose father Will Graham killed and who Lecter helped get away with the murder. Graham investigates in his special “becoming the killer” way and uncovers the dirty little secret. Leading to… dinner.

Again, NBC’s Hannibal delivers a solid episode in which we get to explore the unique relationship between Will Graham and the show’s title character before they ultimately, um, part ways. With each case we get to see Graham slip a little further into insanity and, now, we get to see him begin to realize that Lecter is not exactly the stand-up guy he pictured. Yet, he realizes that he’s not exactly normal either and is now helping Hannibal cover Abigail’s secret. Talk about intense plotting!

Originality: 5/5 – Strange murder scenes we’ve only ever seen in the most disturbing of video games.
Performances: 5/5 – Mads is Hannibal and we are convinced that Darcy is going insane.
Plot: 5/5 – Thickly layout with everything being tied together neatly.
Special Effects: 5/5 – Murders and corpses in this show are not for the faint of heart.
Repeat Viewing: 5/5 – I fully intend on getting the DVD and having a marathon when it comes out.

Score: 