I now return to my continued review of Lincoln Crisler’s collection of superhuman short stories from 21 talents in all different stages of their careers as writers. Today’s story, “Static”, features a hero and villain that garner their powers from the supernatural realm. It’s author, Jason Gehlert, is the author of the werewolf series Quiver and the cult zombie novel Contagion. Like the other authors in Corrupts Absolutely? though, this is the first piece I’ve read from him.

“Static” starts out with a couple police officers stuck in a traffic jam on a bridge. Lincoln, the main character, is agitated as they sit and wait for the cars to move when he notices people calmly exist their vehicles and throw themselves off of the bridge. As he tries to save one, he is given an ominous message – today is the day you die. As it turns out, one of the guys he put away and executed has returned as a ghost and wants revenge. After an epic battle on the crowded bridge, the officers prevail and return the serial killer’s spirit to captivity.

I greatly enjoyed the premise for this story and the concept of spirits lending their strength and energy to the combatants has a great idea. Gehlert, on many occasions, firmly delivers on conveying Lincoln’s emotions… in the beginning. As the story progresses it seems to become more and more confusing and even becomes a little campy in parts. Names of characters not mentioned in the rest of the story are thrown out at the end like we should know who they are. Ultimately, the story starts to seem rushed and unplanned. I give “Static” by Jason Gehlert 

Though not as highly rated as most of the other stories in this this anthology, it still manages to bring its overall score up to 4.5 alien heads.