Welcome back to the ongoing review of the twenty-one short stories found within the pages of Lincoln Crisler’s superhuman anthology, Corrupts Absolutely? It has been quite a ride so far, with explosions and fights and inner turmoil. The story I review today, “G-Child” by Malon Edwards, brings all of those elements together in one package. Edwards is a native of Chicago’s south side, living in Toronto and serves as a Grants Administrator for the Speculative Writer’s Foundation. Like much of his work, this one takes place in the near future of Chicago.

“G-Child” is the tale of Bliss, a gifted young woman with psionic abilities. She is a member of a team resulting from government research that employs their powers to stop villains. However, when fellow team member Rayge finds that his father has been killed he goes on a rampage, leveling entire blocks of Chicago’s south side. It is up to Bliss to stop him, a task she has never been able to accomplish in training. While this is going on, the protagonist also tries to cope with being alienated by her parents – an issue that her fight with Rayge will help remedy.

The story may seem a little too straightforward at times. Elements that could have been given to us through action or dialog are given to us in exposition instead. Despite this, the story is well written and plotted. The jumps between the fight with Rayge and Bliss’ past are spaced well and and keep both plots moving right along at a nonstop pace. All-in-all, an entertaining read.


The collection remains at  and only one really good story away from adding another ½ alien head.

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