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It was hard for me to imagine the Hannibal Lecter story being adapted well for TV. What was even harder to imagine was that a network television station would be able to. However, NBC has surprised me week after week with suspenseful plotting, engaging performances, and disturbing crime scenes. Really, the only thing separating Hannibal from an HBO or Showtime level show is the lack of overly coarse language, nudity, and sex. What did the good doctor have in store for us this week?

I have compared this show to the surreal horror video game series Silent Hill before. But “Fromage”comes closer than any episode than coming straight from the sleepy little town that has brought so many nightmares to the world. In it, a killer has decided to turn a victim into an instrument by cutting his throat open, placing the neck of a cello down his throat, and then playing him by drawing a bow across his exposed vocal cords. And it turns out this killer is closer to Hannibal than even he may know. In addition to this disturbing tale of musical murder, we are also presented with Will Graham as it seems he is slowly slipping into insanity. It is definitely one of the best episodes so far. I give it a full 