OrbNot too long ago, I put up a post about an online television station, Black Flag TV, and the future of TV online. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to do my own part in bringing you entertainment online as well. I would like to introduce to you Psyborg TV, an online source for classic and independent science fiction, fantasy, and horror films. Read on to learn more about this project and what you can expect from us.

Original Concept

Originally, I had intended to create a live television station online that would bring 24/7 entertainment 365 days a year. The project was inspired by Black Flag TV after I spent several hours watching their channel. I spent hour after hour researching how to make this happen, ran a few experiments, and started collecting material to use. Leading up to the launch of a 24/7 station, I intended to show double features once per week on a temporary website. However, I ran into a small hiccup just a few days before the premiere of the channel and my idea for a 24/7 station and live streaming had to be postponed. You see I was using a method of streaming known as HTTP streaming, think of it as like watching a prerecorded TV show. My internet service provider though has restrictions on port forwarding though, therefore making the feed available over the internet impossible. But I am not to be deterred from bringing you hours of entertainment.


Double Features

Already having a double feature cut together, I decided to present it anyway simply by embedding it into the temporary website. Visitors to the site will be able to view the feature from it’s entirety from the beginning no matter what time they come to the show. I a way, this is better so people can watch whenever they want to. How is this any different from, say, visiting YouTube to watch these films that exist within the public domain? Simple. I am not merely presenting the movie; I am creating an entire experience similar to one might have had visiting a drive-in years ago. Not only do viewers get two movies, they also get an intermission show, authentic drive-in messages, and the like. And believe me when I say you will not find everything these shows contain on YouTube. I have tried very hard to create an experience instead of just a show.

The Future of Psyborg TV

This is just the beginning for Psyborg TV. I hope to soon be able to produce original content, show newer films, and eventually make it the 24/7 online television station I originally envisioned. For now, I welcome you all to check out our double features. There will be a new one every week, but I am kicking things off with Plan 9 from Outer Space and Night of the Living Dead. Be advised though, after Plan 9, things get pretty kid-unfriendly. Visit the temporary site at PsyborgTV.blogspot.com and happy viewing.

Flyer for Psyborg TV's first Double Feature

Flyer for Psyborg TV’s first Double Feature