02 IndiegeekIt has been a while since I made a post about a YouTube video and so I thought I’d bring you a good one. I am not usually a fan of “art house films”. Usually, I find the images and story don’t match up right and the messages being delivered are too abstract. In other words, I am of the mind that art is for canvas, literature, sculpture, and the like while film is for entertainment and information. When I saw the title of this film I was not too interested either as I’m not too interested in Jewish Mythology. But I hot the play button anyway and started watching Golem.

What I was met with was not a film about a giant monster made out of clay, but a film by Patrick McCue and Tobias Wiesner based on the short story “GOLEM XIV” by Stanislaw Lem. The film is told from the perspective of an AI computer that has obtained consciousness. As viewers take in stunning visuals, they are being spoken to by the AI in her calm and collected voice. What is she talking about? The voice walks us through human evolution and points out how we went wrong, like a mother explaining why something is bad to her child. By the end, I was completely stunned by this short film and strongly suggest giving it a watch 