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This is only the fifth episode of SyFy’s original show Defiance and it already feels like an old friend waiting to greet me every Monday night. The depth to which the show’s team developed the world and cultures that populate it is amazing. And while some of the special effects seem a little out of place, many of them are quite impressive. In the landscape of today’s science fiction television serials, this show is definitely standing on the top tier. While each show may have it’s own stand-alone story, throughout the series we are being given snippets of an underlying conspiracy plot. Not too much is revealed at once, just enough to pique our curiosities. So how much does “The Serpent’s Egg” reveal? Read on to find out. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

This week’s episode is a rough bit of violence and conspiracy. Nolan is set and ready to transport the Irathient responsible for several killings to a prison in Las Vegas. She is a dangerous woman who manages to snag and conceal a pen up her sleeve. Meanwhile, after his adopted daughter Irisa says goodbye, she spots a man she does not seem happy to see. My suspicions are confirmed when she meets the man outside of a bar and proceeds to kick him in the nuts and chain him up an a dank dungeon. Back on the transport, all have fallen asleep except for the Irathient woman who quickly uses the pen to pick her shackles open. Turns out Nolan was playing possum though. As he straps her back into her seat though, a bomb goes off in the diver’s compartment and a standoff commences between those still inside and bandits that want the money inside. Back in Defiance, Irisa seems to have gone completely insane as she tortures her captive and accuses him of being the man that tortured her as a child. The problem is that he has no recollection of ever having done this. In fact, he seems like the average family man and nothing more. Is Irisa going crazy?

This episode again gives us the faintest hint of a much darker plot afoot. The bomb going off in the driver’s compartment is the key here. It means the bomb had to be planted while the transport was in Defiance. It opens the question of who set the ambush up and why. Who did they want killed – Nolan or Mayor Rosewater? Also, the show has been looking into the background of several characters over the past couple episodes. This week, we get a look at the harrowing past of Irisa. The story of her parents basically donating her body to a cult leader really brings us to an understanding of her as a person (or Irathient as the case may be). “The Serpent’s Egg” is another example of why this is the best show on Monday nights and the best show on SyFy period. This episode gets 