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Welcome back readers to my continued review of Lincoln Crisler’s Corrupts Absolutely?. The stories collected into this book all focus on individuals that have in one way or another gained extraordinary powers; something every geek has dreamed about since they first picked up a comic book. Today’s story is titled “Oily” and was written by A.D. Spencer whose work has appeared in several anthologies. What does her tale do for the collection? Read on to find out.

“Oily” is the story of a marble maker and his daughter (an oily is a certain type of marble). The marble maker searches the news for what he believes to be crime and passes the info on to Cin, his one-eyed daughter with the ability to use her anger to use the marbles as weapons through telekinesis. In this story, she is given the target of a woman who may have killed her husband. Everything about the woman’s attitude points to murder. But is she truly as guilty as Cin’s father believes? Cin, under the vigilante name Cat’s Eye, has a difficult choice to make – avenge a man’s death or disappoint her father.

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This is a very solid story that explores morality in the face of domestic abuse. Spenser’s writing style is great for this story. Her words flow naturally, the perfect voice for Cin. It is hard for a writer to go an entire story without somehow drawing the reader out of the world they are trying to create. “Oily” keeps us in it though until the end. The ending felt a little weak to me, but I am certain that this is last readers have seen of Cat’s Eye. I give this story ½

One more story of this caliber will push Corrupts Absolutely? above the four alien head mark. However, it maintains it’s 4 alien head score.