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I am pleased to present you, dear readers, with my ninth installment of my review of Corrupts Absolutely?, a collection of superhuman short stories edited by Lincoln Crisler. The collection has touched on quite a few powers and people wielding them from all walks of life so far. Some have been completely amazing, some pretty damn good, and some alright. Today’s story is “Threshold” by Kris Ashton who has published more than twenty speculative fiction shorts stories.

The protagonist of this story is a nurse at a hospital. While on break in the middle of a double shift, his power just sort of kicks in. That power is the ability to see the evil things people have done. But the power comes at a price. Unless he rights the wrong by killing the person, he is plagued by wicked migraines that no painkiller will ease. Despite this power he manages to build a normal life for himself, including landing the wife of his dreams who also doesn’t seem to mind the fact that he kills people. Then it happens. He rolls over one night, brushing his wife’s hip, only to discover that she has killed eight people. How will he handle the headaches urging him to kill the woman he loves?

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After nine stories, this one is by far my favorite. Ashton builds a tale that is compelling and entertaining. Readers that have ever suffered through a severe migraine would agree that they’d kill someone also if it made their pain go away. I found myself feeling bad for the guy, rooting for him, and then feeling sorry for him when he finds out what his wife is. This story deserves more alien heads than my scale has and so I’ll have to settle on giving it 

Honestly, I would by this collection for this story alone. The kindle edition is under $5.00 and this story is worth that. However, you’d be getting the other twenty stories in the collection that maintains a 4 alien head rating as well. Thank you Kris Ashton for writing it and thank you Lincoln Crisler for adding it to Corrupts Absolutely?.