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The Chesapeake Ripper remains at large after last week’s episode of NBC’s Hannibal and, with so many personal stakes in the case, everyone at the FBI is anxious to catch him. Will Graham, plagued by his uncanny ability to put himself in the mind of the killers he hunts, can’t seem the grasp this one. Therefore, he continuously turns to Hannibal as a means to gain new perspectives and, I suspect, to make sure he is not going completely nuts himself. And Dr. Lecter is always there for him with an ear to listen, some wine to relax, and some discomfort food for the soul. As this series unfolds, tension mounts for us onlookers, especially those of us who know the story behind the show. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

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In “Sorbet”, the hunt for the Chesapeake Ripper continues. As will teaches a class, discussing the details of the cold case, Jack Crawford enters and the pair are off to another crime scene. This one, it would seem, has to be the Ripper’s victim. He is displayed, the kidney is missing, and the chest sliced open. But here’s the thing, Will thinks the killer was actually trying to save this guy. That’s right, despite all the similarities to the Ripper’s victims, this was done by someone else completely. As Will tries to wrap his head around this one, we also follow a storyline involving Hannibal in which one of his patients seems to have taken an obsessive interest in him. His conversation with this man bring in a new character, Hannibal’s psychiatrist Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (played by the Gillian Anderson who is even sexier now than in her time on X-Files).

In this episode we finally get to see Hannibal in some sort of action, an implied killing spree. And what inspired this sudden outbreak? Nothing in particular. He’s just planning a dinner party. The scene of him pulling out business cards like selecting items from a menu is one of the reasons this show is great. The others are a top billed cast, excellent writing, excellent visual effects, and the show’s homages to the original Hannibal Lecter stories by Thomas Harris. This episode gets a full five alien heads from me. 