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I return to my review of Lincoln Crisler’s Corrupts Absolutely? with a short story by Jason M. Tucker. Tucker’s fiction has appeared in anthologies and he has his own short fiction collection out titled Meat City. Like most of the other authors in this book, this is the first of his stories that I’ve read. I’m sure the same holds true for anyone else reading this collection as well. So how does “Enlightened by Sin” stack up?

This is a story of what happens when dark powers are used for good, kind of like Dexter meets The Darkness. As the title character hacks apart a victim while listening to an oldies station, the DJ announces that an infamous villain intends to kill again. Seeking out the Red Dahlia’s surviving victims, drops the main character right in the middle of a conspiracy involving one of the city’s wealthiest men, the Red Dahlia, and the city’s greatest superhero. It all boils down to a fight between superpowers… and a visit to that oldies DJ.

I found this story, while well written and fairly entertaining, not engaging. There is a lack of depth to the story, almost like a wonderfully decorated vase missing its flowers. The story is fairly cliche as far as superhero stories go. We do give it points for the Dexter/Darkness crossover and for wrapping the seemingly meaningless oldies DJ into the plot at the end. 

Three alien heads brings the overall score on this title down just a half point. However, I am not even halfway done the book yet and we started out with some very good tales. I have the utmost confidence that the quality will balance out. Corrupts Absolutely? is now at 3.5 alien heads.