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I return to my ongoing review of Lincoln Crisler’s Corrupts Absolutely?, a collection of twenty-one metahuman short stories. Today, I take a look at the fifth story in the book, “Ozymandias Revisited” by A.S. Fox. Fox is described in the book as a working writer whose work has appeared in Jim Baen’s Universe. This is the first time I’ve ever read one of his works, but I am hopeful as the other stories in this collection have kept me fairly entertained.

Upon reading though, I am not quite sure how to describe the plot of “Ozymandias Revisited”. For the most part, I believe that’s because there really is no plot. Instead, we get little plot points in between the protagonist, who instructs us to call him Oz, ranting and cussing at us. Thus, the story goes a lot like this: a read a book and got powers, I’ve killed a bunch of people in horrible ways, you’re an @$$hole, blah blah… It really does come across as something one would read from a super villain teen engaged in a flame war on an internet forum. I find it unfortunate that this story made it into an otherwise high quality anthology and I hope that Mr. Crisler understands that I am safeguarding my readers when I give this story .

That bit of nastiness out of the way, this is the only true blemish in Corrupts Absolutely?’s record. I still strongly suggest the title to anyone looking for some great superhero/super villain stories. This entry brings the title’s overall rating down to 4 alien heads, but I am confident that subsequent stories will raise the bar again.