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It’s Monday ladies and gentlemen and that means a new episode of SyFy’s Defiance. Thus far, the show has proven to be highly entertaining with a colorful cast of characters and highly detailed alien cultures. I would go so far as to say that this show over the past three weeks has been the best speculative fiction show among network and basic cable choices. It is has been nothing short of well written and well acted. Tonight’s episode, “A Well Respected Man”, is something we have been waiting for anxiously. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

In the wake of events from previous episodes, Nolan starts by sending a very clear message to the town’s criminal overlord, Datak Tarr. I am shutting you down. And he starts by intercepting a shipment of smuggled guns that, it turns out, the town’s council (excluding the mayor) knew about. But there is more to it than that. It seems that Tarr’s Bioman has been rounding up people for trafficing and among the people he’s taken is Mayor Rosewater’s sister after she accidentally stumbles onto one such shipment. Thus begins a plot in which Nolan and Datak must put their differences aside and cooperate in order to save her from the Volge. It is also a chance for us to glimpse into the past of the Rosewater sisters and get an idea of why they are who they are now.

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Since this show first aired, I have proclaimed its great potential. Tonight, as the episode touches upon subjects such as drug addiction and human trafficking, we start to see some of that potential realized. The landscape of this show is set up so that it has a real opportunity to surpass simple entertainment and become something more. It has the potential to make the viewers question the world we live in. With excellent writing and acting, coupled with the healthy dose of special effects, keeps us entertained in the meantime. Thanks to SyFy for starting to introduce important themes into your original content and please expand on these themes in this and your other shows. That said, we give “A Well Respected Man” .