05 Film BurnI thought I’d delve into another post on a feature film I would love to see made and give you a star studded cast. In the last post I did like this, we looked at Marvel’s character Cable, casting Gerard Butler as the lead. This week we’ll take a look at Top Cow’s Witchblade. Yes, we know there was a very short lived TV series and a rather, um… titillating, anime. However, we feel this story would best benefit from a big screen treatment with a cast designed for success. Listen up Hollywood, we’ve done all the legwork for you. Get your butts in gear on making Witchblade: The Movie.

This is the story of Sara Pezzini, a NYPD homicide detective who accidentally comes into contact with a sentient artifact called the Witchblade. The artifact bonds to her making her an instrument of balance between two primal forces of the universe, the Darkness and the Angelus. And this is where I think the movie should go. Bring all three artifacts in all at once and tearing New York city a new one in an epic battle between good and evil with poor Sara caught in the middle. Although, I would suggest giving the darkness to someone other than Jackie Estacado. Not that I have anything against Jackie, I would just like to see him get the Darkness at the end of the movie with the promise of either a Witchblade 2 or Darkness: The Movie. So lets put on our thinking artifact and come up with a cast and crew, shall we say for the Darkness, the Angelus, Sara, and a writer and director.

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Post Sponsored by Fangrabs.com

Whoever wields the Darkness is going to be a tricky thing to pick. Primarily because it needs to be someone we think would be great for the darkness, but not someone we would rather see as Jackie in possession of it. You would think our runner up for Jackie would be a good pick, but we don’t want the character to come across as that. So mafioso is off the table. Luckily, New York is famous for something other than the mafia… they have serial killers too (Dear New York: I neither support nor claim responsibility for the comment I just made). So who would make a great serial killer and wielder of dark chaotic power? Tom Cruise (from so many movies you had better know who I am talking about) of course. I mean let’s face it, he is a great actor and very well may already be a serial killer (Dear Tom Cruise: I neither support nor do I claim responsibility for the comment I just made).

As for the Angelus, we want would not go with Lauren Franchetti as the wielder. We want the Angelus defeated by the Darkness, the one that never had a name. And this is the story we would go with in the film too. The Angelus in an epic final battle is destroyed by the Darkness who is then destroyed by the Witchblade. So, we need a strong female lead that can kick ass and pull off the ridiculously revealing costume. Our vote is cast for Olivia Wilde (Tron: Legacy, Cowboys vs. Aliens). From her work on the hit TV show House to her recent movies, I have been a huge fan. There is no doubt in my mind she could pull this role off and leave us wishing the credits weren’t rolling.

Now, before we get to casting Sara, the writer, and the director, I think we should do I slight bonus casting for the end of the film. The scene where Jackie becomes the bearer of the Darkness should give us shivers and make us not want to wait for a sequel or darkness movie. To pull this off, you would think I’d choose a big jaw dropping name like Johnny Depp. And Depp might have his merits in this role. We would not pick him first though. Instead, we would go with Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, Red Eye). His portrayal of Scarecrow and the hit man from Red Eye makes me believe he would be the equivalent of Ledger as the Joker in this role.

Who should get the lead though? Who should be the strong female actor to don the Witchblade, defend humanity from the senseless battle between good and evil, and tantalize us with that costume? Who should play Sara Pezzini, the Witchblade? It has to be a talent capable of carrying us through the movie with her acting and not her looks, who can throw a punch as easily as she can deliver a line, and pass as a hard boiled detective as well. Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, Van Helsing), I believe, can deliver.

For some reason we imagine this film being like a dark, modern, urban fantasy version of Lord of the Rings and we see no reason that Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) should not helm this film. The special effects from WETA would make this film absolutely stunning. Just one request Peter, spare us the trilogy treatment and just deliver a whole movie. This applies to him writing the screenplay as well. So get the source materials and start planning Peter, we want this film by 2017.