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After last week’s episode, we thought it would be hard to make the crime scenes in NBC’s Hannibal any more disturbing. We were wrong. This episode digs into the dark past of Jack Crawford and the case he worked years before the events of the show. It would appear that the Chesapeake Ripper, who was mentioned in last week’s episode, has resurfaced already in custody at a mental hospital. SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

Will and Crawford enter the hospital for the criminally insane where a brutal killing has occurred that leads them to suspect the Ripper is in custody. The scene looks like it came straight out of Silent Hill, with a nurse impaled with several IV hangers while she lays in a pool of blood. Her eyes have been gouged out and we are not spared watching the brutal act as Will relives it in his mind either. Jack seems overly anxious to find out if the man that did this really is the Chesapeake Ripper and we soon find out why.


While he was the lead agent on the case he took a young student at Quantico under his wing to work the case with him. She is smart and eager to work for the man the students call “The Guru”. It would be her last case as well. As she pursues a lead, she disappears and is never seen again. She becomes the Ripper’s last victim. Naturally, Jack blames himself and wants closure. But his torment is just beginning as he starts receiving calls in which a recording of the missing agent’s final moments are played to him. And these calls are not being made by the man in the hospital.

This episode, though not as filled with grizzly crime scenes as others, works well to build a bit of character for Jack Crawford. It would seem that this season is a lot about beating this character up. Not only is he receiving calls from a woman whose death he feels responsible for, but he is also dealing with finding out his wife has lung cancer (last episode). We also get some more interaction with Freddie Lund, the tabloid reporter causing many headaches for Will and Jack. But the real kicker for this episode comes at the very end when we discover who the missing agent’s killer really is. And, since the man in the hospital cannot be the Ripper, we are left with the promise that the FBI’s efforts to draw the real Chesapeake Ripper out will come to fruition next week. We’ll be there considering we are giving this episode, “Entree”, 