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Today, at about 11, am I hopped into the car and drove 30 miles to the nearest comic shop that I care to give my patronage. There, I picked up three titles for review, but one in particular was the object of my journey. I paid for my titles which included the anticipated Charismagic #1 which kicks off the second volume of the title from Aspen Comics and then drove another 30 miles back home. Sixty total miles all for this single $1.00 issue from a small press that has brought us countless hours of comic book entertainment. Was this trip worth the gas and time spent? This I wondered as I slid the issue from its plastic bag and opened it up.

Inside, I found a story written by Vince Hernandez that takes place a short time after “The Vanishing”, an event from the first volume of this series. Nightmarish creatures from The Void have arrived on Earth and launch a brutal assault on Los Angeles and Sudana, a sexy Druid, is our best hope for survival. We are treated to Godzilla sized monsters battling it out in the streets of LA and Las Vegas and some brief glimpses of magic being used against them. All of this is beautifully drawn by Vincenzo Cucca, expertly inked by Mark Roslan, and vibrantly colored by Emilio Lopez with Josh Reed penning the letters. Cucca brings real expression to the faces of the story’s characters from shock to wickedness. Roslan’s inks add texture and depth to every panel. And the colors by Lopez are yet another example of small presses doing better jobs than Marvel or DC. The story by Hernandez blends action and character development almost seamlessly and with naturally flowing dialog.

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That said, the story is not without fault. But not to worry Aspen and crew, it is only one. Unless you have read the first volume of this title, you will be lost with some of the story elements. This is something that could have been remedied with just a little bit of back story, but was not. Readers interested in this title could very easily solve this by picking up the collected first volume to read before picking up this issue. Considering Charismagic #1 is only a single dollar, we see no reason not to spend a little extra to get the whole story. We are detracting from the score of the book though, making it a ½ when it had every potential for five alien heads. In our opinion, the title deserves to be read, but please do so from the very beginning.