When we heard about DC making yet another Superman movie we couldn’t help but face-palm ourselves and wonder what they were thinking. They tried this in 2006 and, let’s face it, the results were horrible. We can’t place all the blame on the cast a crew of this film though. Superman is just a hard character to make interesting. The last son of Krypton is just so immensely powerful that, unless you are doing a cosmic scaled plot, there is no one that can stand up to Kal-El. And that is where the 2006 film went wrong. They delivered an old and overused Superman plot with a lot of shiny new special effects. Then a name was attached to Man of Steel that gave us hope – Zack Snyder.

If you have never heard of this director you obviously don’t pay much attention to film at all. His previous five films have been huge and amazing feats of entertainment. It starts with the remake of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead which wowed us (something many remakes fail to do). Then came 300, the ultra-violent depiction of the Battle of Thermopylae based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Sticking with comic book adaptions for the next film, Snyder brought us Watchmen (based on arguably the most mind-blowing comic book ever conceived) and, while the ending was changed, it was changed well and in a way that we feel Alan Moore would have done it as well. To prove that he is not limited to adult only films, Snyder next did Legend of the Guardians, an epic CG family film that also managed to keep adults interested as well. Shortly after came Sucker Punch, a film that manages to span several genres with highly stylized action and cinematography. So when we heard this amazing director was named as director of the Superman reboot, our serotonin levels skyrocketed.

Yet, there were still non-believers. There are those that say a truly good Superman movie cannot be made. That the Man of Steel’s true potential is wasted against bank robbers and rich bald men with a pocket full of Kryptonite. But if there is something we’ve learned from Snyder’s movies, it’s that he does not do small ideas. And it is this “go big or go home” attitude that a Superman movie needs. Absolutely no other director is more suited for this movie and when the first trailer came out we saw something not seen before – Superman being slammed into a wall like a ragdoll. Then came the cryptic messages from General Zod, a fellow Kryptonian, and we became excited that the movie’s villain would be every bit Superman’s equal. And finally, an animated .gif was released that should eliminate any doubt or fear anyone has about this movie. Kal-El delivering a devastating mid-air punch to Zod’s stomach. Our intestines rupture just watching that and we can’t wait to see this film on the big screen. So thank you in advance Zack Snyder, for saving this film. And while we know it was not only you behind it, it was your name that gave us hope to begin with.