03 ScienceIn response to last night’s episode of Weird or What, I would like to take a look at the possible existence of extraterrestrial life – evidence for its existence, some crazy theories people have about it, etc. You have to admit, no matter what your viewpoint is, it is an interesting topic of debate. Humanity has been obsessed with it since we first discovered the existence of other planets. Books, comics, art, television shows, movies, and more abound with close encounters with alien life. Sometimes these encounters are peaceful and heartwarming like in ET. Other times, they are filled with violence and human fears like in War of the Worlds. So what is the most likely scenario for alien life if there exists one at all?


Perhaps the biggest instigator of humanity’s obsession with alien life begins with the Italian astronomer, Giovanni Schiaparelli, in 1877. When he observed straight lines on the surface of the planet which he described as canali which was translated into the English word canals. Of course, this led many to believe these structures were constructed rather that natural features on the surface of the red planet and soon the idea of Martians was born. Scans of the planet’s surface using modern technology have show that these canals were little more than optical illusions and that they don’t really exist. However, there are those out there that think this is a government conspiracy to keep the truth away from a public they suspect of not being ready to know.

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For decades, and perhaps for centuries, people have reported seeing strange lights in the sky. While many of these sightings are easily established as hoaxes, some of them remain unexplained… as of yet. For the most part, we think many of these unexplained sightings are very well constructed hoaxes and the rest may be explained by natural phenomena or human aircraft. Believers site the incident at Roswell, NM as a government coverup of a UFO crash on American soil and claim that the wreckage is being held in Area 51 along with a whole slew of other things they are keeping from us. We cannot rightly claim that all of these sightings are fake or that what happened at Roswell wasn’t a coverup. But we think politicians are much too busy covering up their own secrets to worry about covering up alien life.


Thousands upon thousands of people have claimed to have been taken by extraterrestrials, questioned and experimented on, and then returned to the spot they were taken from to find that hours had passed. Certainly thousands of people cannot be imagining this or making it up… or can they. It is estimated that 1 in 5 people suffer from sleep paralysis, a condition in which the brain wakes up before the rest of the body and the victim essentially dreams while they are awake. If one in five people suffer from this, we estimate that millions of people have had this experience. Therefore, it is not illogical to believe that thousands would mistake this as an alien abduction instead of a medical condition.


Despite my denial of the claims listed above, I am still a firm believer in alien life. Why? What is my proof? Logic is all the proof anyone really needs. We are discovering planets at an alarming rate that exist within what is called the “Goldilocks Zone” of stars throughout the universe. This zone is an area of space around the star that is not too close and not too far which means these planets are quite capable of sustaining life. What’s more, there are probably millions or billions of similar planets that we will never discover. Math dictates that on any of these planets life is possible and so on at least some of them it does. So doesn’t that lend credibility to the claims above?

Not necessarily. Consider this: if an alien race were capable of traveling across light years of space, either for the purpose of taking over or establishing friendly relations, they would have done so by now and there is nothing any government could do to stop it. In the event that they intend to take over, the fact that they have the tech to traverse that much space means their firepower heavily outweighs ours. If friendship is their goal, we feel they would have sent a peace envoy long ago instead of hovering over us and beaming us up in secret. We then must assume one or more of the following:

  1. If they are hovering over us and beaming us up, we are little more than a petting zoo to them.
  2. They either are not advanced enough to actually visit us or are completely univerested in doing so.


  1. The world’s governments do a better job at covering up the existence of alien life better than they do taking care of our planet’s life.

What do you think?