02 IndiegeekWe have yet another wonderful short film for you. Plurality is a sleek science fiction film from the Short Time Quickies YouTube channel. The film is set in the not-too-distant future of New York following the installment of a security grid that tracks people’s every action through DNA. The result is a lower crime rate and more efficient lives for New Yorkers (not having to carry around keys, credit cards, etc). But is this security system in the people’s best interest?

As a young woman walks up a flight of stairs she is bumped into, causing her to grab the railing. The railing, reading her DNA pattern, signals the police of a plurality in the grid. A foot chase through the streets of New York leads to the woman’s arrest. When she is brought in for questioning, we find out what a plurality is… there is not one, but two of this woman there for questioning.


The performances in this film are certainly as good as those found in any SyFy Channel series. The visual effects are very nicely rendered and are used more to build atmosphere than try to cover up bad acting or storytelling. Speaking of storytelling, this film is well written and not preachy as it hints at the future this security system creates. If you have about fifteen minutes, Plurality is a very entertaining film that deserves a watch. 