We are going to be experiencing some changes here at Geeking Cool in light of recent events in the personal life of its owner/operator. In the wake of his recent separation from his wife, there will be a much wider variety of posts coming from us as he no longer needs to dedicate spending time with her. Also, he has had to pick up a second job. Therefore some posts, mainly reviews, may come a bit later than usual. It will be hard to get a review of certain shows up if I am working at a normal job until 3 am. However, the posts will continue to pour in.

Likewise, some new segment have already started and more will continue to be added. Every Friday you can expect to read about a featured follower. These are people that follow our Twitter feed (the Geeking Cool Mainframe) and they have not paid us to feature them on the blog. Another segment is Reviews from the Vault. In this segment we will explore movies, books, games, and more from the histories of geekdom. Coming segments will include posts on being a single geek parent, more fantasy movie casts, book reviews, and more. You can also expect to see original entertainment content such as comic strips, short fiction, and videos.

We will also be starting a Kickstarter to fund the blog which will also hopefully help us eliminate the need for a second job, increasing the post frequency and range. The money will be used for a domain and hosting fees as well as paying the writer’s miniscule salary. Stay posted for more.