It’s been a while so I thought I provide another article of Atlanteanism’s beliefs. Specifically, on my views on death, what happens when we die, and the implications it has for everyone currently alive or whom will be alive. I’d made a post on Atlantean Nation describing the beliefs, but in this one I will relate them more with science than philosophy. As stated before, Atlanteanism has very similar beliefs to Buddhism. However, we diverge when it comes to the concept of escaping the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. What’s more, it all relates back to Physics 101.

Let us start with the birth of a human baby. This baby’s mind and body are, at the most basic level, composed of energy and have energy coursing through them. Given the fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed, the energy has existed since the beginning of the universe and will remain long after this being’s death, moving in and out of form. This will become more important shortly.

The energy that creates this being acts as a giant computer. It processes information and creates our experience of events and the world around us. It stores information that become our memories and histories. But there is something else it stores as well and this is what Buddhists call karma. In Buddhism and Atlanteanism karma is generated by our intentions and these intentions are stored to the body’s and mind’s energy. We like to think of karma as information stored in the cache of a computer. Good karma is the information that helps programs and websites load faster and run smoother. Bad karma is then the information that slows programs and websites. Over time, good and bad karma tips back and forth like weights on a scale.

In Buddhism, if the weight of good karma outweighs the weight of bad karma, the being will be reborn is a higher lifeform. If the weight of bad karma outweighs the weight of good karma, the being will be reborn as a lower lifeform. It becomes an endless cycle of suffering until the being is able to obtain enlightenment and escape. This is where Atlanteanism diverges from Buddhism.

In Atlanteanism, the energy that composes our bodies and minds returns to the universe along with the information stored on it. The energy is then recycled and moves in and out of form. Parts may go out into space and become part of a star or nebula. Some of it may transfer into the grass growing over your grave which then becomes oxygen that sustains life on Earth. A little may even become yet another sentient being somewhere in the universe. But all of it carries the information stored on it, including the karma in its cache. This karmic information then creates the universe’s state of being depending on how much good and bad karma exists as a whole.

Back to physics. Remember that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, it will always move in and out of form until the end of the universe. Even after, it is quite possible the energy will remain and form a new universe. In other words, Atlanteanism teaches that there is no escape from this cycle. Therefore, as sentient beings who make intentional actions, we have an immense responsibility to create good karma and improve the well-being of the universe. What we do today will have an effect on the future and what we do on Earth will have an effect on sentient beings in other parts of the universe. The only way for suffering to therefore be reduced is for good karma to outweigh the bad throughout the universe.

What’s more, Atlanteanism teaches that this is a universal law. It does not require sentient beings to believe it for it to happen. Every person that purposely harms another, every CEO that purposely harms the environment or society for personal gain, every leader that purposely oppresses another group for being different, has an effect on the karma in the universe whether they believe they do or not. For this reason, Atlanteanism is more evangelical than Buddhism.

This does not mean that we seek converts. Instead, we aim to evangelize practices that will create good karma in the universe: love, compassion, kindness, mindfulness, tolerance, etc. Atlanteanism teaches universal law and universal law is unbiased when it comes to personal beliefs. If you are Christian, live your life as Christ did. If you are Buddhist, live your life as Buddha did. If you are Muslim, live your life as Mohammad did. All of these great spiritual leaders wanted you to follow their examples of practicing love for your fellow man. Vitam, Pacem, et Prosperitatum.