01 Reviews from the VaultI would like to welcome you all to a new segment of the blog titled Reviews from the Vault. There are new geeks coming into existence all the time, be they young geeks that are still exploring the vast history of being a geek or people whom have lived a while and are just now discovering their geekdom. Either way, we feel it is our duty to provide them with reviews of movies, games, books, and more that they may not have come to yet. Likewise, these posts may serve current geeks as well, reminding them of old gems that deserve revisiting now and again. We open the vault with a staple of geek culture, Star Trek, the original motion picture hailing from the year 1979.Celestial Globe

Are you one of those new geeks that has only ever seen William Shatner perform in campy commercials for Price Line? Is your only experience of Leonard Nimoy the old Spock in J.J. Abrams’ take on this franchise? If so, you should watch this movie right now if you have a little over two hours to spare. Star Trek: The Motion Picture, written by Gene Roddenberry himself and directed by Robert Wise, was a bold take on the series.

It starts with two Klingon ships being attacked by some unknown object, being completely removed from existence, and this object making its way towards Earth. Fearing that the planet will suffer a similar fate, Star Fleet sends the Enterprise to intercept the vessel. However, Kirk has not commanded a ship on over two years and things have changed. What ensues is a tale filled not with phaser battles and terrifying Klingons, but with thought and an exploration of what it means to be human. A whole range of human emotion is explored as humanity itself stands on the brink of extermination. The movie ends with a reveal straight out of The Twilight Zone and the message that “The Human Adventure is Just Beginning”.

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Star Trek has been a staple of geek culture since its inception and remains to be so to this day. Sure, the new movies may have all the bells and whistles of modern movie making. J.J. Abrams’ film is a great movie and we are sure Into Darkness will be as well. It’s hard to top a classic though and this film from 34 years ago stands up to today’s version without flinching. It is a must watch and a definite must re-watch and well deserving of our score.