As a new category for the blog and tying it in even more with our Twitter account, we present to you the weekly featured follower. Every Follow Friday we will bring you a brief article on one of the Tweeps that follow us. If you follow us and your account is featured here it means we find your Tweets humorous, informative, poignant, and worthy of being followed. Reader, featured followers have not paid for these brief articles. These people actually follow us and we actually love their posts – you are not being misled. That said, we present our first ever featured follower, Paul Voigt.

Paul’s Twitter bio describes him as a “Writer, Comic Nerd, Absorber of Utterly Useless Information, Glorified Fence-Sitter, Bifurious, Socially Inept and Altogether Awkward”. We have no idea where he gets socially inept from because we often find ourselves smiling at his Tweets. Often, they are quite funny and, if that were not enough, he runs a blog on WordPress that offers even more humor and thought.

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Among his Tweets are: “Getting a favorited Tweet is like getting a critical hit and then rolling minimum damage…”, “Calling in sick? I’d go with diarrhea. It is rarely questioned and easily attainable if so. A little dish soap won’t kill you… I think.”, and “I just want everyone to love me, unconditionally… and without reciprocation. Is that really too much to ask for?” If your timeline is in need of some humor, follow @PaulRVoigt. Be sure to check out his blog, Plus Five Productions, too.