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This show has grown and grown on us over the past few weeks. Mads Mikkelsen is brilliant as the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Hugh Dancy has delivered us a Will Graham second only to Edward Norton’s. And the show has not been squeamish with the crime scenes either, packing just as much blood and gore into its one hour episodes as a feature length Hannibal Lecter movie. Bryan Fuller’s vision is a must on Thursday nights. Tonight’s episode, “Coquilles”, is the one that was used for large portions of the show’s promos before it aired. What did Geeking Cool think about it? SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

We start with Will wandering down a country road followed by a giant deer. Okay, we said, yet another of his strange dreams. As it turns out Will is actually wandering down the road completely unaware of it. The sleepwalking lands him back in Lecter’s office who seems to think this is a result of Will feeling out of control. The source of this? Hannibal claims it is his employer, Agent Jack Crawford (played by the always intense Laurence Fishburne). Is he actually trying to help? Is he just trying to alienate Will from Jack? Or is he killing two birds with one stone?


Meanwhile, there is yet another killer on the loose and this one sets the episode up for some truly disturbing scenes. With a tumor growing in his brain, the killer is afraid of dying in his sleep. As a sort of spiritual insurance policy, he drugs his victims before removing the skin from their backs and turns it into makeshift wings. As those he transforms into angels bleed to death, the killer is using them to pray for him as he sleeps. How does he choose his victims? Through the insight given to him by God which makes them appear to him with burning heads and faces.

This was a completely sick episode. Blood, gore, psycho-religious obsession, descent into madness, and deft psychological manipulation. It was everything that anything involving Hannibal Lecter should be.