What’s on television today? Absolutely nothing that interests you? We’ve had those days too. And it’s on days like these that we are extremely greatful for YouTube. You see, YouTube is a magical place where you can not only see animal cruelty (cats being forced to wear hats and play piano), but also where you can watch independent short films that may never see the light of day. I’m not going to lie to you. A lot of the films on YouTube are horrible. Occasionally, you can find really good ones though. Today, we watched a film Orbital Pictures. In fact, it is their very first film. Was it annoyingly simple and rife with bad acting or a diamond in the rough? Keep reading to find out.

Pursuit is the collaboration of Austin Du, Maria Kang, and Griffin Nikkel. The tagline reads simply “Do you know if you’re being watched”. We don’t and so we press play. What we experience is a step-by-step procedural on how a stalker/killer operates. The main character is the stalker himself, played by Griffin Nikkel, as he stalks a young Asian lady, played by Maria Kang. We see everything from the stalker setting up a false identity on Facebook to him actually getting his victim to meet him. We are left with a an ending that SEEMS ambiguous… but keep watching through the credits.

The photography on this film is good, using quality a camera and very nice angles and framing. At times, the scene speeds up slightly, giving the film an edgy feeling. The cool colors add to the coldness in the stalker’s heart. And the soundtrack used was amazingly spot on. The lack of dialog in the film is also very unsettling. You never get to know the stalker or the victim. Perhaps the one shaky moment in the film is the scene in which the stalker snatches his victim’s phone. This short film by three youths could very easily have been part of a CSI or Criminal Minds episode though and for that, we give it ½. Watch Pursuit below.